NRSC Computational Neuroscience and Cog Sci Minor (ABBC)

BE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
BIOL 2110Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology1
BIOL 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
BIOL 4142Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
BIOL 5110Neural Systems and Behavior1
CIS 1400Introduction to Cognitive Science1
COGS 1001Introduction to Cognitive Science1
ESE 5660Networked Neuroscience1
LING 1005Introduction to Cognitive Science1
NGG 5720Electrical Language of Cells1
NRSC 2110Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology1
NRSC 2205Cellular Basis of Learning and Memory1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NRSC 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
NRSC 4421Functional Imaging of the Human Brain1
NRSC 4429Seminar in Sleep and Memory1
NRSC 4442Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
NRSC 4473Neuroeconomics Seminar1
PHIL 1840Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 1333Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PSYC 1340Perception1
PSYC 3220Neural Systems and Behavior1
PSYC 3300Seminar in Sleep and Memory1
PSYC 3301Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
PSYC 3790Neuroeconomics Seminar1
VLST 2110Perception1