BIOL Computational Biology (ABCB)

BCHE 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
BIOL 4511Biological Data Analysis1
BIOL 5536Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
BIOL 5566Machine Learning Methods in Natural Science Modeling1
CHEM 2410Principles of Organic Chemistry I1
CIS 2450Big Data Analytics1
CIS 2620Automata, Computability, and Complexity1
CIS 3200Introduction to Algorithms1
CIS 3340Advanced Topics in Algorithms1
CIS 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
CIS 5450Big Data Analytics1
GCB 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
MATH 2410Calculus, Part IV1
MATH 3600Advanced Calculus1
MATH 3610Advanced Calculus1
MATH 3700Algebra1
MATH 3710Algebra1
MATH 4200Ordinary Differential Equations1
MATH 4250Partial Differential Equations1
PHYS 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
PHYS 5566Machine Learning Methods in Natural Science Modeling1
STAT 4310Statistical Inference1
STAT 4330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 4710Modern Data Mining1
STAT 5100Probability1