BIOL Principally Neurobiology (ABPN)

BE 5300Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
CAMB 5970Neural Development, Regeneration and Repair1
NGG 5720Electrical Language of Cells1
NGG 5730Systems Neuroscience1
NGG 5940Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
NGG 5970Neural Development, Regeneration and Repair1
NRSC 2227Physiology of Motivated Behavior1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NRSC 2269Autonomic Physiology1
NRSC 2270Drugs, Brain and Mind1
NRSC 2350Developmental Neurobiology1
NRSC 3492Experimental Methods in Synaptic Physiology1
NRSC 4421Functional Imaging of the Human Brain1
NRSC 4480Biological Basis of Psychiatric Disorders1
NRSC 4482Clinical Psychopharmacology1
NRSC 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PHYS 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 1212Physiology of Motivated Behavior1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 2250Drugs, Brain and Mind1
PSYC 5390Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 6090Systems Neuroscience1