COGS Computation and Cognition (ACGC)

BCHE 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
BE 5300Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
BIOL 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
BIOL 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
BIOL 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
BIOL 4142Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
BIOL 4536Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
BIOL 5110Neural Systems and Behavior1
CIS 1100Introduction to Computer Programming1
CIS 1200Programming Languages and Techniques I1
CIS 1210Programming Languages and Techniques II1
CIS 1400Introduction to Cognitive Science1
CIS 1600Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science1
CIS 2610Discrete Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Statistical Inference1
CIS 2620Automata, Computability, and Complexity1
CIS 3200Introduction to Algorithms1
CIS 3340Advanced Topics in Algorithms1
CIS 3900Robotics: Planning Perception1
CIS 4190Applied Machine Learning1
CIS 4210Artificial Intelligence1
CIS 4300Natural Language Processing1
CIS 4360Introduction to Computational Biology & Biological Modeling1
CIS 5110Theory of Computation1
CIS 5180Topics in Logic: Finite Model Theory and Descriptive Complexity1
CIS 5200Machine Learning1
CIS 5300Natural Language Processing1
CIS 6250Theory of Machine Learning1
COGS 1001Introduction to Cognitive Science1
COGS 2982Study Abroad1
COGS 3998Senior Thesis1
COGS 3999Independent Study1
COGS 4290Big Data, Memory and the Human Brain1
ECON 0120Strategic Reasoning1
ECON 4100Game Theory1
ECON 4120Social Choice Theory1
ECON 4140Decision Making Under Uncertainty1
ECON 4160Behavioral Economics1
LGIC 1710Introduction to Logic1
LGIC 3200Logic and Computability 21
LGIC 4960Topics in Mathematical Logic1
LING 0001Introduction to Linguistics1
LING 0750Language and Thought1
LING 1005Introduction to Cognitive Science1
LING 1700Experimental Approaches to the Study of Language1
LING 1750Psychology of Language1
LING 2100Introduction to Language Change1
LING 2210Phonetics I: Experimental1
LING 2220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 2250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 2300Sound Structure of Language1
LING 2500Introduction to Syntax1
LING 2700Language Acquisition1
LING 3410Morphology I1
LING 3740Neurolinguistics1
LING 3750Psycholinguistics Seminar1
LING 3810Semantics I1
LING 3850Experiments in the Study of Meaning1
LING 5150Dynamics of Language1
LING 5210Phonetics I: Experimental1
LING 5220Phonetics II: Data Science1
LING 5250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
LING 5310Phonology I1
LING 5320Phonology II1
LING 5450Mental Lexicon1
LING 5510Syntax I1
LING 5520Syntax II1
LING 5700Developmental Psycholinguistics1
LING 5810Semantics I1
LING 5820Semantics II1
MATH 1400Calculus, Part I1
MATH 1410Calculus, Part II1
MATH 1510Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices1
MATH 5710Logic and Computability 21
MATH 6770Topics in Logic1
NETS 3120Theory of Networks1
NETS 4120Algorithmic Game Theory1
NGG 5940Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
NRSC 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
NRSC 1159Memory1
NRSC 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
NRSC 2217Visual Neuroscience1
NRSC 2233Neuroethology1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NRSC 3334Computational Neuroscience Lab1
NRSC 4110Neural Systems and Behavior1
NRSC 4430The Cognitive Neuroscience of Autism1
NRSC 4442Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
NRSC 4473Neuroeconomics Seminar1
NRSC 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
OIDD 2900Decision Processes1
PHIL 1170History of Modern Philosophy1
PHIL 1710Introduction to Logic1
PHIL 1800Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 1810Philosophy of Space and Time1
PHIL 1830Philosophy of Biology1
PHIL 1840Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PHIL 2620Introduction to Epistemology and Metaphysics1
PHIL 2640Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 2660What is Meaning?1
PHIL 2680Introduction to Metaphysics1
PHIL 3200Twentieth Century Philosophy1
PHIL 3620Topics in Epistemology1
PHIL 3623Philosophy of Perception1
PHIL 4600Origins of Analytic Philosophy1
PHIL 4620Theory of Knowledge1
PHIL 4640Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 4660Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 4720Topics in Mathematical Logic1
PHIL 4722Logic and Computability 21
PHIL 4723Introduction to Mathematical Logic1
PHIL 4770Philosophy of Mathematics1
PHIL 4800Philosophy of Science.1
PHIL 4840Philosophy of Psychology1
PHIL 4843Philosophy and Visual Perception1
PHIL 5840Philosophy of Psychology1
PHIL 6720Topics in Logic1
PHIL 6722Logic and Computability 21
PHIL 6770Philosophy of Mathematics1
PHYS 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
PHYS 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PPE 3001Strategic Reasoning1
PPE 3003Behavioral Economics and Psychology1
PSYC 0001Introduction to Experimental Psychology1
PSYC 1210Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 1310Language and Thought1
PSYC 1333Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PSYC 1340Perception1
PSYC 1530Memory1
PSYC 1777Introduction to Developmental Psychology1
PSYC 2220Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
PSYC 2240Visual Neuroscience1
PSYC 2310Psychology of Language1
PSYC 2377Cognitive Development1
PSYC 2737Judgment and Decisions1
PSYC 2750Behavioral Economics and Psychology1
PSYC 3220Neural Systems and Behavior1
PSYC 3231Consciousness Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 3301Neurobiology of Learning and Memory1
PSYC 3310Psycholinguistics Seminar1
PSYC 3790Neuroeconomics Seminar1
PSYC 4281Computational Neuroscience Lab1
PSYC 4290Big Data, Memory and the Human Brain1
PSYC 4310Research Experience in Cognitive Psychology1
PSYC 4340Research Experience in Perception1
PSYC 5390Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
STAT 4300Probability1
STAT 4330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 4420Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis1
VLST 2110Perception1
VLST 2120Research Experience in Perception1
VLST 2170Visual Neuroscience1
VLST 2210Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1
VLST 2220Philosophy of Perception1