CMPL National Literature (ACLO)

CIMS 1910Sicily on Page and Screen1
CIMS 2600Italian Theater1
CIMS 3408Italian Literature1
CIMS 3410Italian Renaissance Studies1
COML 1232Perspectives in French Literature: The Individual and Society1
COML 3330Dante's Divine Comedy1
ENGL 0509Dante's Divine Comedy1
ENGL 1295Italian History on the Table1
FREN 1232Perspectives in French Literature: The Individual and Society1
FREN 1233Francophone Literature and Film1
FREN 2461Women’s Writing in French: 19th-21st Centuries1
FREN 3030Humor and Comedy in French and Francophone Culture1
FREN 3700French Literature of the 19th Century1
FREN 3710Poe's French Legacies1
FREN 3720Crime and Punishment: Hugo’s Les Misérables in Context1
FREN 3800Literature of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3840The French Novel of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3850Modern French Theater1
GRMN 1500Texts and Contexts1
GRMN 1510Handschrift-Hypertext: Deutsche Medien1
GRMN 2100Texts and Contexts1
GRMN 3110Handschrift-Hypertext: Deutsche Medien1
GRMN 3120Places of Memory. Lieux de memoire. Erinnerungsorte.1
GRMN 3215German Youth Cultures1
GRMN 3260Topics in German Literature1
GRMN 3290Topics in German Culture1
GSWS 3408Italian Literature1
GSWS 3410Italian Renaissance Studies1
ITAL 1890Best Sellers in Italian Literature1
ITAL 1910Sicily on Page and Screen1
ITAL 1920Italian History on the Table1
ITAL 2600Italian Theater1
ITAL 3330Dante's Divine Comedy1
ITAL 3408Italian Literature1
ITAL 3410Italian Renaissance Studies1
ITAL 3520Italian Histories1