CIMS Production & Practice (ACPR)

ARTH 3965The Art of Art Collecting1
CIMS 1160Screenwriting Workshop1
CIMS 1170Writing for Television1
CIMS 1180The Short Film: Writing, Producing, Directing1
CIMS 1300Advanced Screenwriting1
CIMS 2000Virtual Reality Lab1
CIMS 2850Art and Business of Film1
CIMS 3965The Art of Art Collecting1
CIMS 5995Digital Humanities Praxis1
ENGL 2951Virtual Reality Lab1
ENGL 3600Screenwriting Workshop1
ENGL 3601Advanced Screenwriting1
ENGL 3603Writing for Television1
ENGL 3609The Short Film: Writing, Producing, Directing1
ENGL 5995Digital Humanities Praxis1
FNAR 1010Video I1
FNAR 1050Mixed Media Animation1
FNAR 2030Cinema Production1
FNAR 2100Computer Animation1