EALC Korean Minor (AEAR)

ARTH 3130East Asian Art Seminar1
CIMS 6371New Korean Cinema1
COML 2201Modern East Asian Texts1
COML 6201Modern East Asian Texts1
EALC 0001East Asia: Past and Present1
EALC 1098Sports in East Asia1
EALC 1101Introduction to East Asian History1
EALC 1105Buddhist Arts of East Asia: Sources, Iconography and Styles1
EALC 1774Two Koreas: The Politics of Division1
EALC 2100East Asian Art Seminar1
EALC 2201Modern East Asian Texts1
EALC 2763Readings in Korean History1
EALC 6201Modern East Asian Texts1
EALC 6371New Korean Cinema1
EDUC 4920Language, Culture, and Society in Contemporary Korea1
KORN 0100Beginning Korean I1
KORN 0200Beginning Korean II1
KORN 0300Intermediate Korean I1
KORN 5200Beginning Korean II1
KORN 5210Intensive Beginning Korean I & II2
KORN 5300Intermediate Korean I1
RELS 1105Buddhist Arts of East Asia: Sources, Iconography and Styles1