ENVS Data Analysis and Statistics Core (AESD)

AFRC 2010Social Statistics1
ANTH 3454Quantitative Analysis of Anthropological Data1
BIOL 2510Statistics for Biologists1
BIOL 5510Statistics for Biologists1
ECON 2300Statistics for Economists1
EESC 3376Climate and Big Data1
EESC 6710Environmental Statistical Analysis1
ESE 3010Engineering Probability1
ESE 3050Foundations of Data Science1
HSOC 2202Health of Populations1
SOCI 2010Social Statistics1
SOCI 2220Health of Populations1
STAT 1010Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1018Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1110Introductory Statistics1
STAT 4050Statistical Computing with R0.5
URBS 2000Introduction to Urban Research1