FNAR Design, Animation, or Video Studio (AFDA)

DSGN 0010Art, Design and Digital Culture1
DSGN 0020Design 21: Design After the Digital1
DSGN 1010Digital Illustration1
DSGN 10303-D Computer Modeling1
DSGN 1040Open Book1
DSGN 1050Typography1
DSGN 1070Graphic Design I: Creative Technologies1
DSGN 2010Digital Figure Modeling1
DSGN 2030Book and Publication Design1
DSGN 2040Environmental Animation1
DSGN 2050Graphic Design Practicum1
DSGN 2060Advanced 3-D Modeling1
DSGN 2070Graphic Design II1
DSGN 2500Cultures of Making1
DSGN 2510Biological Design1
DSGN 2530Functions for Form and Material1
DSGN 2540Information Design and Visualization1
DSGN 2550Interfacing Cultures: Designing for Mobile, Web and Public Media1
DSGN 3020Contemporary Theories of Design1
DSGN 3040Language of Design1
DSGN 4010Independent Study1
DSGN 4020Design Senior Seminar Project (Fall)1
DSGN 4030Design Senior Seminar Project (Spring)1
FNAR 1010Video I1
FNAR 1050Mixed Media Animation1
FNAR 1100Introduction to Printmaking1
FNAR 2010Documentary Video1
FNAR 2020Video II1
FNAR 2030Cinema Production1
FNAR 2040Advanced Video Projects1
FNAR 2060Advanced Lens Based Projects1
FNAR 2070Performance/Camera: Performance and-with-through-for Cameras1
FNAR 2080Performance Studio1
FNAR 2090Hand-Drawn Computer Animation1
FNAR 2100Computer Animation1
FNAR 2250Interdisciplinary Studio: Sites of Convergence and Hybridity1