HIST Concentration in Diplomatic History Related (AHDR)

AFRC 1130Contemporary African Politics1
ECON 0500International Economics1
ECON 0510Development Economics1
ECON 4510International Trade1
ECON 4520International Finance1
ECON 4530Topics in Development1
FNCE 2190International Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies1
LALS 1120Latin American Politics1
MMES 2400The Iranian Nuclear Program: History, Science, Politics1
PSCI 0400Introduction to International Relations1
PSCI 1120Latin American Politics1
PSCI 1130Contemporary African Politics1
PSCI 1140Politics in the Contemporary Middle East1
PSCI 1401International Security1
PSCI 1404American Foreign Policy1
PSCI 1406International Human Rights1
PSCI 1440International Politics of the Middle East1
PSCI 3400The Causes of War & Peace1
PSCI 4450Chinese Foreign Policy1