HSOC Health Policy and Law Concentration (AHSE)

ANTH 2730Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives1
BIOL 2510Statistics for Biologists1
BIOL 5510Statistics for Biologists1
ENVS 1615Urban Environments: Speaking About Lead in West Philadelphia1
ENVS 1625Community Based Environmental Health1
ENVS 1635Urban Environments: Prevention of Tobacco Smoking in Adolescents1
ENVS 1645Urban Environments: The Urban Asthma Epedemic1
GSWS 2537Gender and Health1
GSWS 3240Children's Health in the United States, 1800-20001
HCMG 1010Health Care Systems1
HCMG 2040Comparative Health Care Systems1
HIST 3701Capitalism and Humanitarianism1
HSOC 1401The Peoples Health1
HSOC 2303Fundamentals of Epidemiology1
HSOC 2382Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives1
HSOC 2401Social Determinants of Health1
HSOC 2483Health, Politics, and Social Movements1
HSOC 2537Gender and Health1
HSOC 3528Public Health & Violence1
NURS 3240Children's Health in the United States, 1800-20001
SOCI 2460Social Inequality and Health1
STAT 1110Introductory Statistics1
STSC 2303Fundamentals of Epidemiology1
URBS 2850Health on the urban margins: The experience of health in American cities1