HSOC Philosophical/Ethical (AHSH)

BENF 2260Health and Social Justice (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
BIOE 4010Introduction to Bioethics1
HSOC 1330Bioethics1
HSOC 2457History of Bioethics1
HSOC 4356From Me-search to We-search: The Benefits and Limitations of Lived Experience1
LGST 1000Ethics and Social Responsibility1
LGST 1008Ethics and Social Responsibility1
NURS 3300Theoretical Foundations of Health Care Ethics1
PHIL 1342Bioethics1
PUBH 5070Public Health Law & Ethics1
SOCI 2952Health and Social Justice (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
SOCI 2971Bioethics1
STSC 2644Artificial Subjects: Golems, Homunculi, Robots, and Cyborgs1