HSOC Technologies, Practices and Practitioners (AHST)

ANTH 2060Cultures of Science and Technology1
ANTH 2332Medicine and the Language of Pain1
BIOE 5550Bioethics and Technology: Neuroethics1
ENVS 1615Urban Environments: Speaking About Lead in West Philadelphia1
ENVS 1635Urban Environments: Prevention of Tobacco Smoking in Adolescents1
ENVS 1645Urban Environments: The Urban Asthma Epedemic1
HSOC 2254American Medicine and Technology in War and Peace1
HSOC 2293From Madness to Mental Health: The History of Psychiatry1
HSOC 2421Manufacturing Minds: From Babbage to ChatGPT1
HSOC 2523Technology and Medicine in Modern America1
HSOC 2707Data and Death1
HSOC 3313Reproductive Medicine: Societal Impact of New Technologies1
MMES 2400The Iranian Nuclear Program: History, Science, Politics1
SOCI 2951The Information Age1
STSC 1600The Information Age1
STSC 2421Manufacturing Minds: From Babbage to ChatGPT1
STSC 2707Data and Death1
STSC 3657Technology & Democracy1