INTR International Security/Foreign Policy Elect (AIRS)

AFRC 2321War and Peace in Africa1
ASAM 3100American Expansion in the Pacific1
EALC 1711East Asian Diplomacy1
EALC 1733Chinese Foreign Policy1
EALC 1734History of US-China Relations1
EALC 1790The Vietnam War1
EALC 1791The Vietnam War1
HIST 1190American Diplomatic History Since 17761
HIST 1191US Empire in the Twentieth Century1
HIST 1270World War I1
HIST 1362The Making of Modern Israel and Palestine1
HIST 1550East Asian Diplomacy1
HIST 1551History of US-China Relations1
HIST 1591The Vietnam War1
HIST 1735Cold War: Global History1
HIST 1759Technology, Policy & War1
HIST 1760Strategy, Policy and War1
HIST 1785American Expansion in the Pacific1
HIST 3160The Vietnam War1
HIST 3550Chinese Foreign Policy1
HIST 3707The Vietnam War1
HIST 3920European Diplomatic History 1789-19141
HIST 3921European International Relations 1914-present1
HSOC 1120Science Technology and War1
INTR 2500Political Risk Analysis1
INTR 2600Counterintelligence: History, Theory, and Practice1
INTR 2910Topics in Foreign Policy and Security1
JWST 1362The Making of Modern Israel and Palestine1
LALS 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
LALS 1191US Empire in the Twentieth Century1
MMES 2400The Iranian Nuclear Program: History, Science, Politics1
PSCI 1100Ethnic Conflict1
PSCI 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
PSCI 1141The Making of Modern Israel and Palestine1
PSCI 1401International Security1
PSCI 1404American Foreign Policy1
PSCI 1408War, Strategy and Politics1
PSCI 3400The Causes of War & Peace1
PSCI 4450Chinese Foreign Policy1
REES 1370Cold War: Global History1
STSC 1120Science Technology and War1