JWST Minor- Jewish Studies Elective (AJSE)

ARTH 2370Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
COML 1040Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
COML 1111Yiddish Literature and Culture1
GRMN 1040Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
GRMN 1111Yiddish Literature and Culture1
HIST 0821Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
HIST 1600Jews and Judaism in Antiquity1
HIST 1610Medieval and Early Modern Jewry1
HIST 1710Jews in the Modern World1
HIST 3203Conversion in Historical Perspective: Religion, Society, and Self1
JWST 1111Yiddish Literature and Culture1
JWST 1600Jews and Judaism in Antiquity1
JWST 1610Medieval and Early Modern Jewry1
JWST 1710Jews in the Modern World1
JWST 3207Conversion in Historical Perspective: Religion, Society, and Self1
MELC 0350Jews and Judaism in Antiquity1
MELC 0355Medieval and Early Modern Jewry1
MELC 0360Jews in the Modern World1
RELS 1600Jews and Judaism in Antiquity1
RELS 1610Medieval and Early Modern Jewry1
RELS 1710Jews in the Modern World1
URBS 1070Berlin: History, Politics, Culture1
YDSH 1111Yiddish Literature and Culture1