LING Related Courses (ALNR)

AFRC 2250African Languages and Culture1
ANTH 2550Modern Southeast Asia1
ASLD 5999Independent study in ASL/Studies for Special Purposes0.5
CIS 1100Introduction to Computer Programming1
CIS 1200Programming Languages and Techniques I1
CIS 1210Programming Languages and Techniques II1
CIS 2620Automata, Computability, and Complexity1
CIS 4210Artificial Intelligence1
CIS 4300Natural Language Processing1
CIS 5300Natural Language Processing1
CIS 6300Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing1
CLST 7801Historical Grammar of Greek1
COML 1013Chaucer: Poetry, Voice, and Interpretation1
EALC 1623Language, Script and Society in China1
EDUC 5204Citizen Sociolinguistics1
EDUC 5240Language and Gender1
EDUC 6210Sociolinguistics in Education1
EDUC 6215Approaches to Teaching English and Other Modern Languages1
ENGL 1010Old English1
ENGL 1013Chaucer: Poetry, Voice, and Interpretation1
ESE 5310Digital Signal Processing1
FREN 1217French Phonetics1
FREN 2170French Phonetics1
FREN 3290Le français dans le monde/French in the World1
GSWS 5720Language and Gender1
LGIC 1710Introduction to Logic1
LGIC 2200Discrete Mathematics II1
LGIC 3100Logic and Computability 11
LGIC 3200Logic and Computability 21
LGIC 4960Topics in Mathematical Logic1
LING 1100The History of Words1
LING 2900Deep Learning and Large Language Models in Linguistic Research1
MATH 3410Discrete Mathematics II1
MATH 5700Logic and Computability 11
MATH 5710Logic and Computability 21
MATH 6770Topics in Logic1
PHIL 0710Logic and Formal Reasoning1
PHIL 1710Introduction to Logic1
PHIL 2640Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 3200Twentieth Century Philosophy1
PHIL 4660Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 4720Topics in Mathematical Logic1
PHIL 4721Logic and Computability 11
PHIL 4722Logic and Computability 21
PHIL 4723Introduction to Mathematical Logic1
PHIL 5660Topics in Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 5710Introduction to Logic1
PHIL 6660Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 6720Topics in Logic1
PHIL 6721Logic and Computability 11
PHIL 6722Logic and Computability 21
SAST 2550Modern Southeast Asia1
SPAN 3110Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics1
SPAN 3120History of the Spanish Language1
SWAH 1300Swahili Lang/Culture I1
VLST 2210Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1