MAEC Economics Elective (AMAE)

ECON 2310Econometric Methods and Models1
ECON 4100Game Theory1
ECON 4101Game Theory Honors1
ECON 4110Economics of Family1
ECON 4120Social Choice Theory1
ECON 4130Market Design1
ECON 4140Decision Making Under Uncertainty1
ECON 4150Mathematical Economics1
ECON 4160Behavioral Economics1
ECON 4170The Economics of Contracts1
ECON 4200Economic Growth1
ECON 4210Numerical Methods for Macroeconomists1
ECON 4220Monetary and Fiscal Policies1
ECON 4230Macro Perspectives on Challenges for Economic Policy1
ECON 4240Money and Banking1
ECON 4250Financial Economics1
ECON 4310Macro-Econometric Techniques and Applications1
ECON 4320Micro-econometric Techniques and Applications1
ECON 4330Econometric Machine Learning Methods and Models1
ECON 4340Empirical Economics of Climate Change1
ECON 4405Economic Program Evaluation1
ECON 4410Public Finance1
ECON 4420Political Economy1
ECON 4430Labor Economics1
ECON 4440Law and Economics1
ECON 4450Industrial Organization1
ECON 4460Health Economics1
ECON 4470Urban Fiscal Policy1
ECON 4480Economics of Education1
ECON 4490The Digital Economy1
ECON 4510International Trade1
ECON 4999Independent Study1
ECON 6110Game Theory and Applications1
ECON 7300Econometrics I: Fundamentals0.5-1