MAEC Mathematics Elective (AMAM)

AMCS 5461Advanced Applied Probability1
CIS 2450Big Data Analytics1
CIS 4190Applied Machine Learning1
CIS 5190Applied Machine Learning1
CIS 5200Machine Learning1
CIS 5450Big Data Analytics1
ECON 4530Topics in Development1
ESE 3030Stochastic Systems Analysis and Simulation1
ESE 6050Modern Convex Optimization1
LGIC 2100Discrete Mathematics I1
MATH 2410Calculus, Part IV1
MATH 3200Computer Methods in Mathematical Science I1
MATH 3400Discrete Mathematics I1
MATH 4200Ordinary Differential Equations1
MATH 4250Partial Differential Equations1
MATH 4320Game Theory.1
MATH 5300Mathematics of Finance1
MATH 5460Advanced Applied Probability1
MKTG 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
NETS 4120Algorithmic Game Theory1
STAT 4320Mathematical Statistics1
STAT 4330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 4350Forecasting Methods for Management1
STAT 4420Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis1
STAT 4750Sample Survey Design1
STAT 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
STAT 5120Mathematical Statistics1
STAT 5150Advanced Statistical Inference I1
STAT 5160Advanced Statistical Inference II1
STAT 5200Applied Econometrics I1