MUSC Jazz and Popular Music Elective (AMJP)

AFRC 1200African-American Literature1
AFRC 1210Literatures of Jazz1
AFRC 1400Jazz Style and History1
AFRC 1500World Musics and Cultures1
AFRC 1510Music of Africa1
AFRC 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
AFRC 1810Sounding Poetry1
AFRC 3450Studies in African-American Music1
AFRC 3460The Blackness of Rock: Revisiting Histories of Race, Gender, and Genre1
AFRC 3550Accordions of the New World1
AFRC 3560Music and Performance of Africa1
AFRC 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
AFRC 3580Latin American Music1
ANTH 1500World Musics and Cultures1
ANTH 1533Music in Troubled Places1
ANTH 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
ANTH 2560Music and Performance of Africa1
ANTH 2570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
CIMS 1271American Musical Theatre1
COML 1810Sounding Poetry1
COMM 1230Critical Approaches to Popular Culture1
ENGL 1200African-American Literature1
ENGL 1210Literatures of Jazz1
ENGL 1271American Musical Theatre1
ENGL 1810Sounding Poetry1
GSWS 1201African-American Literature1
GSWS 3480Gender, Sexuality, & Pop Music1
LALS 3550Accordions of the New World1
LALS 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
LALS 3580Latin American Music1
MUSC 0070Ensemble Performance0.5
MUSC 0100AMarian Anderson Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0100BMarian Anderson Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0110AMarian Anderson Group Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0110BMarian Anderson Group Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0160First-Year Seminar1
MUSC 0180AMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
MUSC 0180BMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
MUSC 1400Jazz Style and History1
MUSC 1420Thinking About Popular Music1
MUSC 1450Songwriting1
MUSC 1500World Musics and Cultures1
MUSC 1510Music of Africa1
MUSC 1530Music in Troubled Places1
MUSC 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
MUSC 1700Introduction to Theory and Musicianship1
MUSC 1999Guided Research1
MUSC 2400Introduction to the Music Life in America1
MUSC 2500Introduction to Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 3200Modular Electronic Music Systems & Performance1
MUSC 3210Recording Music: Theory & Methods1
MUSC 3450Studies in African-American Music1
MUSC 3460The Blackness of Rock: Revisiting Histories of Race, Gender, and Genre1
MUSC 3480Gender, Sexuality, & Pop Music1
MUSC 3510Music and Healing1
MUSC 3550Accordions of the New World1
MUSC 3560Music and Performance of Africa1
MUSC 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
MUSC 3580Latin American Music1
MUSC 3660Performance, Analysis, History1
MUSC 4500Seminar in Ethnomusicology1
SOCI 1070Media and Popular Culture1
THAR 1271American Musical Theatre1
URBS 0180AMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
URBS 0180BMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
URBS 1170Media and Popular Culture1