MUSC Minor Music Related (AMRE)

AFRC 1400Jazz Style and History1
AFRC 1500World Musics and Cultures1
AFRC 1510Music of Africa1
AFRC 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
AFRC 3450Studies in African-American Music1
AFRC 3460The Blackness of Rock: Revisiting Histories of Race, Gender, and Genre1
AFRC 3550Accordions of the New World1
AFRC 3560Music and Performance of Africa1
AFRC 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
AFRC 3580Latin American Music1
ANTH 1500World Musics and Cultures1
ANTH 1533Music in Troubled Places1
ANTH 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
ANTH 2560Music and Performance of Africa1
ANTH 2570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
ANTH 3520Music, Religion, Ritual in South and Southeast Asia.1
CIMS 1440Film Music in Post 1950 Italy1
GSWS 3480Gender, Sexuality, & Pop Music1
HIST 3713Singer-songwriters in the Cold War1
ITAL 1320Composers: Opera Composers 1600-19001
ITAL 1322Composers: Mozart/DaPonte1
ITAL 1430History of Opera1
ITAL 1440Film Music in Post 1950 Italy1
ITAL 3300Historical Eras and Topics: Earlier Periods1
ITAL 3323Baroque Opera from Monteverdi to Gluck1
LALS 3550Accordions of the New World1
LALS 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
LALS 3580Latin American Music1
LALS 3713Singer-songwriters in the Cold War1
MUSC 0100AMarian Anderson Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0100BMarian Anderson Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0110AMarian Anderson Group Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0110BMarian Anderson Group Performance Program0.5
MUSC 0160First-Year Seminar1
MUSC 0180AMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
MUSC 0180BMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
MUSC 0181On Belonging: Music, Displacement, and Well-Being (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
MUSC 0190Critical Speaking Seminar: See department for current offerings1
MUSC 1250Musical Interfaces and Robotics1
MUSC 1270Introduction to Electronic Musicmaking1
MUSC 1280Audio Production1
MUSC 1290History of Electronic Music1
MUSC 13001000 Years of Musical Listening1
MUSC 1320Composers: Opera Composers 1600-19001
MUSC 1321Composers: Verdi and Shakespeare1
MUSC 1322Composers: Mozart/DaPonte1
MUSC 1323Composers: Anonymous, History's Most Prolific Composer1
MUSC 1324Composers: Medieval Songwriters1
MUSC 1325Composers: Fryderyk Chopin1
MUSC 1326Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven1
MUSC 1340Performers: Dancers and Musicians1
MUSC 1341Performers: The Singer ca. 800-14001
MUSC 1342Performers: Celebrity1
MUSC 1343Performers: Marian Anderson (1897–1993): Sound, Gender, and the Color Line1
MUSC 1400Jazz Style and History1
MUSC 1420Thinking About Popular Music1
MUSC 1430History of Opera1
MUSC 1440Film Music in Post 1950 Italy1
MUSC 1450Songwriting1
MUSC 1500World Musics and Cultures1
MUSC 1510Music of Africa1
MUSC 1530Music in Troubled Places1
MUSC 1560Seeing/Hearing Globally (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
MUSC 1580Weird Music1
MUSC 1700Introduction to Theory and Musicianship1
MUSC 1780Audiovisual Climate Research*1
MUSC 1999Guided Research1
MUSC 2300Introduction to European Art Music1
MUSC 2301Introduction to Musicology1
MUSC 2400Introduction to the Music Life in America1
MUSC 2500Introduction to Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 2700Theory and Musicianship I1.5
MUSC 2710Theory and Musicianship II1.5
MUSC 3200Modular Electronic Music Systems & Performance1
MUSC 3210Recording Music: Theory & Methods1
MUSC 3230Computer Music I1
MUSC 3300Historical Eras and Topics: Earlier Periods1
MUSC 3301Historical Eras and Topics: Earlier Periods1
MUSC 3310Historical Eras and Topics: Later Periods1
MUSC 3311Historical Eras and Topics: Later Periods1
MUSC 3312Historical Eras and Topics: Later Periods1
MUSC 3320Themes in Music History1
MUSC 3321Themes in Music History1
MUSC 3322Themes in Music History1
MUSC 3323Baroque Opera from Monteverdi to Gluck1
MUSC 3340Performers: Music, Rhetoric, Performance1
MUSC 3341Performers: Dancers and Musicians1
MUSC 3342Performers: The Singer ca. 800-14001
MUSC 3343Performers: Celebrity1
MUSC 3450Studies in African-American Music1
MUSC 3460The Blackness of Rock: Revisiting Histories of Race, Gender, and Genre1
MUSC 3480Gender, Sexuality, & Pop Music1
MUSC 3510Music and Healing1
MUSC 3520Music, Religion, Ritual in South and Southeast Asia.1
MUSC 3550Accordions of the New World1
MUSC 3560Music and Performance of Africa1
MUSC 3570Caribbean Music and Diaspora1
MUSC 3580Latin American Music1
MUSC 3660Performance, Analysis, History1
MUSC 3700Theory and Musicianship III1.5
MUSC 3710Composition I: Historical Practices1
MUSC 3720Composition II: Contemporary Practices1
MUSC 3730Orchestration1
MUSC 3740Composition for Musicians1
MUSC 3800Critical Birding: Music, Observation, and the Environment1
MUSC 4300Seminar in Music History1
MUSC 4500Seminar in Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 4700Seminar in Theory & Composition1
MUSC 7201Computer Music I1
URBS 0180AMusic in Urban Spaces0.5
URBS 0180BMusic in Urban Spaces0.5