MUSC Music Tier Three Course (AMTH)

AFRC 7400Seminar in African-American Music1
FIGS 6301Historical and Historiographic Approaches: Performance Studies1
FIGS 7361Topics in Musicology1
ITAL 7320Studies in Baroque Music1
MUSC 4300Seminar in Music History1
MUSC 4500Seminar in Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 4700Seminar in Theory & Composition1
MUSC 6200Creative and Compositional Approaches1
MUSC 6210Composing with Instruments1
MUSC 6220Composing with Electronics1
MUSC 6230Composing For Performers1
MUSC 6300Historical and Historiographic Approaches1
MUSC 6301Historical and Historiographic Approaches: Performance Studies1
MUSC 6500Ethnographic and Anthropological Approaches (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
MUSC 6700Analytical and Theoretical Approaches1
MUSC 6710Theory-Critical Perspectives1
MUSC 7200Seminar in Composition1
MUSC 7300Studies in Medieval Music1
MUSC 7310Studies in Renaissance Music1
MUSC 7320Studies in Baroque Music1
MUSC 7330Studies in 18th Century Music1
MUSC 7340Studies in 19th Century Music1
MUSC 7350Studies in 20 and 21st Century Music1
MUSC 7360Topics in Musicology1
MUSC 7361Topics in Musicology1
MUSC 7390Methods for Music and Archives (Learning to Go Along and Against the Archival Grain)1
MUSC 7400Seminar in African-American Music1
MUSC 7500Seminar in Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 7510Intellectual History of Ethnomusicology1
MUSC 7700Studies in Music Theory and Analysis1
MUSC 7710Writing Sound--Sounding Literature1