PHIL History of Philosophy (APLH)

CLST 1501Ancient Greek Philosophy1
CLST 1502Greek and Roman Moral Philosophy1
GRMN 5510Kant I1
GRMN 5520Kant II1
GRMN 5830Hegel1
PHIL 1110Ancient Greek Philosophy1
PHIL 1111Greek and Roman Moral Philosophy1
PHIL 1170History of Modern Philosophy1
PHIL 1220World Philosophies1
PHIL 1221World Philosophies1
PHIL 1251Yoga and Philosophy1
PHIL 1433The Social Contract1
PHIL 2112Introduction to Plato1
PHIL 2113Introduction to Aristotle1
PHIL 2200Continental Philosophy1
PHIL 2221Philosophy East and West1
PHIL 3110Ancient Philosophical Figures1
PHIL 3170Modern Philosophical Figures1
PHIL 3435Marx's Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy1
PHIL 4112Plato's Selected Dialogues1
PHIL 4113Aristotle1
PHIL 4181Kant I1
PHIL 4182Kant II1
PHIL 4191Hegel1
PHIL 4251Themes of Indian Philosophy: Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita1
PHIL 4600Origins of Analytic Philosophy1
PHIL 5113Aristotle's Ethics1
PHIL 5114Topics in Aristotle1
PHIL 5115Stoicism1
PHIL 5116Topics in Hellenistic Philosophy1
PHIL 5170Topics in Early Modern Philosophy1
PHIL 5810Topics in the History of Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 6112Plato's Selected Dialogues1
PHIL 6113Aristotle1
PHIL 6181Kant I1
PHIL 6182Kant II1
PHIL 6191Hegel1
SAST 3650Themes of Indian Philosophy: Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita1