PHIL Majors Seminar (APLM)

PHIL 3110Ancient Philosophical Figures1
PHIL 3170Modern Philosophical Figures1
PHIL 3200Twentieth Century Philosophy1
PHIL 3330Topics in Ethics1
PHIL 3340Philosophical Issues Surrounding the Ethics of Social Media1
PHIL 3341Philosophy of Food and Fat1
PHIL 3430Topics in Political Philosophy1
PHIL 3431Justice1
PHIL 3435Marx's Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy1
PHIL 3600Topics in Theoretical Philosophy1
PHIL 3623Philosophy of Perception1
PHIL 3640Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 3800Topics in Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 5113Aristotle's Ethics1
PHIL 5114Topics in Aristotle1
PHIL 5115Stoicism1
PHIL 5170Topics in Early Modern Philosophy1
PHIL 5330Contemporary Ethics1
PHIL 5331Virtue Ethics, Ancient and Modern1
PHIL 5430Topics in Political Philosophy1
PHIL 5431Contemporary Political Philosophy1
PHIL 5450Philosophy of Law1
PHIL 5451Rationality, Morality and Law1
PHIL 5455Law and Philosophy1
PHIL 5560Topics in Philosophy of Education1
PHIL 5561Equality, Justice, and Inclusion in Higher Education1
PHIL 5620Topics in Epistemology1
PHIL 5625Rationality1
PHIL 5630Philosophy of Action1
PHIL 5640Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 5660Topics in Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 5800Topics in the Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 5810Topics in the History of Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 5840Philosophy of Psychology1
VLST 2220Philosophy of Perception1