PPE Choice and Behavior (APPC)

BDS 5010Behavioral Science: Theory and Application of Experimental Methods1
BDS 5020Norms and Nudges1
BDS 5030Behavioral Interventions for Policy and Organizations1
BDS 5110Negotiation Behavior1
BDS 5120Power, Persuasion and Influence1
BDS 5210Judgments & Decisions1
BDS 5220Statistical Reasoning for Behavioral Science1
BDS 5250Organizational Behavior1
BDS 5310Behavioral Science in Action: Past, Present & Future1
BDS 5450International Organizations & Organizational Influence1
BENF 2990Health Capability1
BEPP 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
BEPP 2200Behavioral Economics, Markets, and Public Policy1
BEPP 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 2840Game Theory for Business and Life1
BEPP 3050Risk Management1
BIOL 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
BIOL 2201Essentials of Molecular Biology and Genetics1
BIOL 2410Evolutionary Biology1
BIOL 5410Evolutionary Biology1
COMM 2250Children and Media1
COMM 2260Introduction to Political Communication1
COMM 2300Advertising and Society1
COMM 2320Gender and Media1
COMM 2410Introduction to Network Dynamics and Collective Behavior1
COMM 2750Communication and Persuasion1
COMM 2760How We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
COMM 2860Masculinity and the Media1
COMM 3100The Communication Research Experience1
COMM 3120Studying Digital Worlds: Qualitative Social Science for Research1
COMM 3370Public Health Communication in the Digital Age1
COMM 3450Adolescence and Media1
COMM 3670Communication in the Networked Age1
COMM 4070Understanding Social Networks1
COMM 4230Communication and Social Influence Laboratory1
COMM 4360Data Literacy in the Algorithmic Society1
COMM 4590Social Networks and the Spread of Behavior1
COMM 5770Attitude & Behavior Prediction1
CRIM 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
ECON 0410Public Policy Analysis1
ECON 0420Political Economy1
ECON 0440Law and Economics1
ECON 0460Economics and Theories of Fairness1
ECON 0465Economics and Philosophy1
ECON 0620Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
ECON 2100Intermediate Microeconomics1
ECON 4100Game Theory1
ECON 4120Social Choice Theory1
ECON 4410Public Finance1
ECON 4420Political Economy1
ENVS 1043Repairing the Planet: Tools for the Climate Emergency1
ESE 2040Decision Models1
FNCE 2390Behavioral Finance1
GSWS 1181Gender and Elections in America and Beyond1
HIST 1731Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
LGST 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
LGST 2430Other People's Money: The Law, Politics, and History of Financial Institutions1
LGST 2910Negotiations1
LGST 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
LING 0700Data Science for Studying Language and the Mind1
LING 0750Language and Thought1
MATH 4320Game Theory.1
MGMT 2910Negotiations1
MGMT 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
MKTG 2110Consumer Behavior1
MKTG 7110Consumer Behavior0.5-1
NETS 1500Market and Social Systems on the Internet1
NETS 3120Theory of Networks1
NETS 4120Algorithmic Game Theory1
NRSC 2140Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NRSC 2273Neuroeconomics1
NRSC 4473Neuroeconomics Seminar1
NSCI 3100Evolution of Warfare1
NURS 2760How We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
OIDD 2450Analytics and the Digital Economy1
OIDD 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
OIDD 2900Decision Processes1
OIDD 2910Negotiations1
OIDD 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
OIDD 2990Judgment & Decision Making Research Immersion0.5-1
OIDD 3190Advanced Decision Systems: Evolutionary Computation1
OIDD 3250Computer Simulation Models1
OIDD 4900The Science of Behavior Change1
PHIL 1345Business Ethics1
PHIL 1571Repairing the Planet: Tools for the Climate Emergency1
PHIL 1800Philosophy of Science1
PHIL 1850Philosophy of Social Science1
PHIL 2620Introduction to Epistemology and Metaphysics1
PHIL 2640Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 2851Philosophy of Economics1
PHIL 3640Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 4330Metaethics1
PHIL 4470Norms and Nudges1
PHIL 4620Theory of Knowledge1
PHIL 4640Philosophy of Mind1
PHIL 4660Philosophy of Language1
PHIL 4800Philosophy of Science.1
PHIL 4840Philosophy of Psychology1
PHIL 6330Metaethics1
PHIL 6620Theory of Knowledge1
PHIL 6800Philosophy of Science.1
PPE 1001Introduction to PPE: Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation1
PPE 2355Introduction to Political Psychology1
PPE 3950Center for Social Norms & Behavioral Dynamics Research Seminar1-2
PPE 3999Independent Study1
PPE 4800Advanced Seminar in Psychology1
PPE 4802Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Obedience1
PPE 4803Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Modeling Choice Behavior1
PPE 4900Advanced Seminar in PPE (SNF Paideia Course)1
PPE 4903Advanced Seminar in PPE: Policy Task Force on US-China Relations (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PPE 4950Advanced Seminar in Research Methods1
PPE 4998Directed Honors Research1
PSCI 1181Gender and Elections in America and Beyond1
PSCI 1210Introduction to Political Communication1
PSCI 1801Statistical Methods PSCI1
PSCI 3800Applied Data Science1
PSCI 3802Political Polling1
PSCI 4200Political Psychology1
PSCI 4206How Divided Is America? Polarization in the United States1
PSCI 5800Game Theory1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 1310Language and Thought1
PSYC 1440Social Psychology1
PSYC 1450Personality and Individual Differences1
PSYC 2220Evolution of Behavior: Animal Behavior1
PSYC 2288Neuroscience and Society1
PSYC 2314Data Science for Studying Language and the Mind1
PSYC 2355Introduction to Political Psychology1
PSYC 2400Introduction to Positive Psychology (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 2555Neuroeconomics1
PSYC 2737Judgment and Decisions1
PSYC 2760How We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSYC 2900Evolutionary Psychology1
PSYC 3100Being Human: The Biology of Human Behavior, Cognition, and Culture1
PSYC 3230Neuroscience for Policymakers: Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar1
PSYC 3231Consciousness Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 3232The Social Brain Seminar1
PSYC 3441Psychology and Religion Seminar1
PSYC 3442Moral Psychology Seminar1
PSYC 3443Psychology and Law Seminar1
PSYC 3444Evolutionary Perspectives in Social Psychology1
PSYC 3730Three Perspectives on Judgment and Decision Making: Seminar1
PSYC 3780Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Obedience1
PSYC 3790Neuroeconomics Seminar1
PSYC 3803Advanced Seminar in Psychology: Modeling Choice Behavior1
PSYC 3900Behavioral Biology of Women Seminar1
PSYC 4310Research Experience in Cognitive Psychology1
PSYC 4900The Science of Behavior Change1
REAL 2150Urban Real Estate Economics1
SOCI 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
VLST 2210Introduction to Philosophy of Mind1