PPE Public Policy & Governance (APPU)

AFRC 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
AFRC 1090Urban Sociology1
AFRC 1166A Nation of Immigrants Reconsidered1
AFRC 1205Constitutional Law1
AFRC 1206American Constitutional Law II1
AFRC 1700The African Diaspora: Global Dimensions1
AFRC 2180Diversity and the Law1
AFRC 3152Law and Social Change1
AFRC 4650Race and Racism in the Contemporary World1
ANTH 3424Political Ecologies of the City1
ASAM 1166A Nation of Immigrants Reconsidered1
ASAM 1510Race and Ethnic Relations1
ASAM 2159The History of Family Separation1
ASAM 3110Immigration and the Making of US Law1
BDS 5030Behavioral Interventions for Policy and Organizations1
BDS 5450International Organizations & Organizational Influence1
BENF 2260Health and Social Justice (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
BENF 2270Global Health Justice and Governance1
BEPP 2010Public Finance and Policy1
BEPP 2080Housing Markets1
BEPP 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
BEPP 2200Behavioral Economics, Markets, and Public Policy1
BEPP 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
BEPP 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 3050Risk Management1
BIOE 4010Introduction to Bioethics1
BIOE 4020Conceptual Foundations of Bioethics1
BIOE 5050Sex and Bioethics1
BIOE 5400Challenging Clinical Ethics: Managing patient/caregiver conflicts through mediation.1
BIOE 5500Bioethics and Society1
BIOE 5510Race and Bioethics1
BIOE 5550Bioethics and Technology: Neuroethics1
BIOE 5560Evidence in Bioethics and Health Policy1
BIOE 5580Reproductive Health1
BIOE 5700Public Health Ethics1
BIOE 5720Global Bioethics1
BIOE 5750Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health Care System0.5,1
BIOE 5900Ethics in Mental Healthcare1
BIOE 6010Introduction to Bioethics1
COMM 2013Black Journalism in/and Philadelphia1
COMM 2100Quantitative Research Methods in Communication1
COMM 2250Children and Media1
COMM 2260Introduction to Political Communication1
COMM 2300Advertising and Society1
COMM 2320Gender and Media1
COMM 2410Introduction to Network Dynamics and Collective Behavior1
COMM 2510Good Talk: The Purpose, Practice, and Representation of Dialogue Across Difference (SNF Paideia)1
COMM 2600Media Activism Studies1
COMM 2620Social Movements1
COMM 2750Communication and Persuasion1
COMM 2860Masculinity and the Media1
COMM 3100The Communication Research Experience1
COMM 3120Studying Digital Worlds: Qualitative Social Science for Research1
COMM 3230Contemporary Politics, Policy, and Journalism1
COMM 3280Drawing the Blue Line: Police and Power in American Popular Culture (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
COMM 3300The Hidden World of Privacy Policies1
COMM 3370Public Health Communication in the Digital Age1
COMM 3450Adolescence and Media1
COMM 3670Communication in the Networked Age1
COMM 3770Philosophical Problems of Journalism1
COMM 3950Communication and the Presidency1
COMM 3970New Media and Politics1
COMM 4040Media and Politics1
COMM 4050Media, Public Opinion, and Globalization1
COMM 4110Communication, Activism, and Social Change1
COMM 4230Communication and Social Influence Laboratory1
COMM 4360Data Literacy in the Algorithmic Society1
COMM 4460Media Industries and Nationalism (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
COMM 4590Social Networks and the Spread of Behavior1
COMM 4630Surveillance Capitalism1
CRIM 2010American Death Penalty in Theory and Practice1
CRIM 2030Law and Criminal Justice1
CRIM 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
EAS 3010Climate Policy and Technology1
ECON 0410Public Policy Analysis1
ECON 0420Political Economy1
ECON 0430Labor Economics1
ECON 0440Law and Economics1
ECON 0450Industrial Organization1
ECON 0460Economics and Theories of Fairness1
ECON 0500International Economics1
ECON 0615The International Monetary System from Sterling to Cryptocurrency (1720-2020)1
ECON 0620Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
ECON 0630The Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery1
ECON 2200Intermediate Macroeconomics1
ECON 4200Economic Growth1
ECON 4410Public Finance1
ECON 4440Law and Economics1
ECON 4460Health Economics1
ECON 4470Urban Fiscal Policy1
EDUC 5460American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice1
ENVS 1043Repairing the Planet: Tools for the Climate Emergency1
ENVS 1625Community Based Environmental Health1
ENVS 4600Environmental Policy1
FNCE 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
GAFL 5140Public Finance and Public Policy1
GAFL 5150Public Finance Leadership in the New Fiscal Reality1
GAFL 5170Quantitative Tools for Consulting1
GAFL 5300Evidence Based Policies of Economic and Political Development1
GAFL 5310Data Science for Public Policy1
GAFL 5380Human Rights, Access To Justice, and Public Policy1
GAFL 5690The Politics of Housing and Community Development1
GAFL 6210Public Economics1
GAFL 6310Public Law and Process1
GSWS 1181Gender and Elections in America and Beyond1
GSWS 2159The History of Family Separation1
GSWS 2490Philosophy of Education1
GSWS 5880The Politics of Women's Health Care1
HCMG 2020The Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery1
HCMG 2040Comparative Health Care Systems1
HCMG 2500Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health Care System1
HCMG 8500Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health Care System0.5,1
HIST 1166A Nation of Immigrants Reconsidered1
HIST 1191US Empire in the Twentieth Century1
HIST 1700The African Diaspora: Global Dimensions1
HIST 1708Revolutionary Ideas, Ideologies of Revolution1
HIST 1731Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
HIST 1760Strategy, Policy and War1
HIST 2152Work and Workers in America1
HIST 2159The History of Family Separation1
HIST 3152Law and Social Change1
HIST 3160The Vietnam War1
HIST 3910Immigration and the Making of US Law1
HIST 3965The International Monetary System from Sterling to Cryptocurrency (1720-2020)1
HSOC 1330Bioethics1
HSOC 1411American Health Policy1
HSOC 2202Health of Populations1
HSOC 2312Healthy Schools1
HSOC 2511Foundations of Public Health1
HSOC 4375Medicine and Development1
INTR 2500Political Risk Analysis1
LALS 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
LALS 1090Urban Sociology1
LALS 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
LALS 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
LALS 1166A Nation of Immigrants Reconsidered1
LALS 1191US Empire in the Twentieth Century1
LALS 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
LALS 1700The African Diaspora: Global Dimensions1
LALS 4650Race and Racism in the Contemporary World1
LAWM 5130ML: Medical Negligence and Tort Law Fundamentals3
LAWM 5350Ml: Fund of Health Law1.5
LGST 2040Real Estate Law1
LGST 2050Antitrust and Big Tech1
LGST 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
LGST 2150Environmental Management: Law & Policy1
LGST 2160Emerging Economies1
LGST 2180Diversity and the Law1
LGST 2190Law and Policy in International Business1
LGST 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
LGST 2230Securities Regulation1
LGST 2260Markets, Morality & the Future of Capitalism1
LGST 2440Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Business, Legal, and Regulatory Considerations1
LGST 2450Business, Law, and Democracy1
LGST 2990Seminar in Law and Society0.5-1
MGMT 2420Corporate Goverance, Executive Compsenation and the Board1
MKTG 2600Antitrust and Big Tech1
MMES 2400The Iranian Nuclear Program: History, Science, Politics1
NURS 3300Theoretical Foundations of Health Care Ethics1
NURS 5880The Politics of Women's Health Care1
OIDD 2220Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity1
OIDD 2450Analytics and the Digital Economy1
OIDD 2610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
PHIL 0903Public Philosophy & Civic Engagement1
PHIL 1342Bioethics1
PHIL 1343Environmental Ethics1
PHIL 1430Political Philosophy1
PHIL 1440Machine Fairness: Algorithms and the Theory of Justice1
PHIL 1450Philosophy of Law1
PHIL 1571Repairing the Planet: Tools for the Climate Emergency1
PHIL 2450Justice, Law and Morality1
PHIL 2510Philosophy of Race1
PHIL 2560Philosophy of Education1
PHIL 2851Philosophy of Economics1
PPE 1001Introduction to PPE: Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation1
PPE 2355Introduction to Political Psychology1
PPE 3950Center for Social Norms & Behavioral Dynamics Research Seminar1-2
PPE 3999Independent Study1
PPE 4600Advanced Seminar in Political Science1
PPE 4601Advanced Seminar in Social Policy1
PPE 4650Advanced Seminar in Political Science: The Politics of Climate Change1
PPE 4700Advanced Seminar in Economics1
PPE 4701Advanced Seminar in Political Economy1
PPE 4900Advanced Seminar in PPE (SNF Paideia Course)1
PPE 4903Advanced Seminar in PPE: Policy Task Force on US-China Relations (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PPE 4950Advanced Seminar in Research Methods1
PPE 4998Directed Honors Research1
PSCI 1101The Politics of Slow Moving Crises1
PSCI 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
PSCI 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
PSCI 1170Politics of Post War Western Europe1
PSCI 1171The European Union1
PSCI 1173Comparative Health Politics1
PSCI 1181Gender and Elections in America and Beyond1
PSCI 1201Public Opinion and American Democracy1
PSCI 1202Changing American Electorate1
PSCI 1203The American Presidency1
PSCI 1205Constitutional Law1
PSCI 1206American Constitutional Law II1
PSCI 1207Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1
PSCI 1209American Campaigns and Elections1
PSCI 1210Introduction to Political Communication1
PSCI 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
PSCI 1401International Security1
PSCI 1403International Law & Institutions1
PSCI 1404American Foreign Policy1
PSCI 1406International Human Rights1
PSCI 1407Ethics and International Relations1
PSCI 1440International Politics of the Middle East1
PSCI 1801Statistical Methods PSCI1
PSCI 2200From Theory to Practice in Washington D.C.2
PSCI 2201Polarization1
PSCI 2203Healthy Schools1
PSCI 2204Congress, Elections and American Democracy1
PSCI 2206Race, Ethnicity and Constitutional Law1
PSCI 3151Politics, Geopolitics, and China's Role in the World's Renewable Energy Revolution1
PSCI 3170Comparative Politics of the Welfare State in Rich Democracies1
PSCI 3200Global Development: Intermediate Topics in Politics, Policy, and Data1
PSCI 3401International Law1
PSCI 3600Democracy and Disagreement (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSCI 3800Applied Data Science1
PSCI 3802Political Polling1
PSCI 3991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSCI 4100Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places - BFS1
PSCI 4101The Right Market: Conservatism & Capitalism in Theory & Practice1
PSCI 4190Race and Racism in the Contemporary World1
PSCI 4200Political Psychology1
PSCI 4201Political Empathy & Deliberative Democracy in the US1
PSCI 4203The Future of Conservatism and the GOP: Radicalization, Renewal or Replacement (SNF Paideia Course)1
PSCI 4205American Conservatism From Taft to Trump1
PSCI 4206How Divided Is America? Polarization in the United States1
PSCI 4208Media and Politics1
PSCI 4209Media, Public Opinion, and Globalization1
PSCI 4210Advanced Seminar in Political Science: The Politics of Climate Change1
PSCI 4290Race & Criminal Justice1
PSCI 4292Modern Presidency & Race1
PSCI 4610Key Questions in Political Theory (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
PSCI 4800Evidence Based Policies of Economic and Political Development1
PSCI 4991Selected Topics in Political Science1
PSYC 2355Introduction to Political Psychology1
PSYC 3230Neuroscience for Policymakers: Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar1
PSYC 3443Psychology and Law Seminar1
REAL 2040Real Estate Law1
REAL 2050Global Real Estate: Risk, Politics and Culture1
REAL 2080Housing Markets1
REAL 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
REES 1630Soviet and Post-Soviet Economy1
SOCI 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
SOCI 1090Urban Sociology1
SOCI 2220Health of Populations1
SOCI 2620Social Movements1
SOCI 2943Global Urban Education1
SOCI 2952Health and Social Justice (SNF Paideia Program Course)1
SOCI 2971Bioethics1
SOCI 3210Sample Survey Methods1
SOCI 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
URBS 1060Race and Ethnic Relations1
URBS 1090Urban Sociology1
URBS 2040Urban Law1
URBS 2500Urban Public Policy: Philadelphia -- A Case Study1
URBS 2580Global Urban Education1
URBS 3200Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1
URBS 3300GIS Applications in Social Science1
URBS 3424Political Ecologies of the City1
URBS 4350The Political Economy of Urban Development1
URBS 4500Urban Redevelopment1
URBS 4510The Politics of Housing and Urban Development1
URBS 4520Community Economic Development1
URBS 4540City Limits: The Impact of Urban Policy1
URBS 5060Public Environment of Cities: An Introduction to the Urban Landscape1