PSCI Political Economy (APSE)

AFRC 0010Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
AFRC 1090Urban Sociology1
AFRC 1130Contemporary African Politics1
AFRC 1310Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade1
AFRC 2302Sustainable Entrepreneurship1
AFRC 3931The History of Foreign Aid and Intervention in Africa1
AFRC 4480Neighborhood Displacement and Community Power1
AFRC 4500Oil to Diamonds: The Political Economy of Natural Resources in Africa1
AFRC 4800Liberation and Ownership1
AFRC 5240Inequality & Race Policy1
ANTH 0120Globalization And Its Historical Significance1
ANTH 3045Oil to Diamonds: The Political Economy of Natural Resources in Africa1
ANTH 3424Political Ecologies of the City1
ANTH 3470Anthropology of Corporations1
BEPP 2010Public Finance and Policy1
BEPP 2030Business in the Global Political Environment.1
BEPP 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
BEPP 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
BEPP 2890Economic Globalization: Policy, History and Contemporary Issues1
CLST 1201The Ancient Economy1
COML 1020Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
COML 1170Global Sustainabilities1
COMM 3600Understanding the Political Economy of Media1
COMM 4320Digital Inequalities1
ECON 0410Public Policy Analysis1
ECON 0420Political Economy1
ECON 0430Labor Economics1
ECON 0440Law and Economics1
ECON 0465Economics and Philosophy1
ECON 0500International Economics1
ECON 0510Development Economics1
ECON 0620Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
ECON 4100Game Theory1
ECON 4200Economic Growth1
ECON 4410Public Finance1
ECON 4420Political Economy1
ECON 4430Labor Economics1
ECON 4440Law and Economics1
ECON 4460Health Economics1
ECON 4470Urban Fiscal Policy1
ECON 4480Economics of Education1
ECON 4510International Trade1
ECON 4520International Finance1
ECON 4530Topics in Development1
ECON 4540China: Institutions and the Economy1
ECON 4550The Political Economy of Early America1
ECON 4560History of Economic Thought1
ECON 4610Foundations of Market Economies1
ENVS 1450Global Sustainabilities1
FNCE 1010Monetary Economics and the Global Economy1
FNCE 1018Monetary Economics and the Global Economy (Honors)1
FNCE 2190International Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies1
FNCE 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
FREN 3220France and the European Union1
GRMN 0013Euro Zone Crisis - The EU in a Currency War for Suvival?1
GRMN 1020Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
GRMN 1170Global Sustainabilities1
GSWS 3400Money, Power, Respect: Funding Social Change1
HIST 0040First-Year Seminar: Coca and Cocaine1
HIST 0250Making and Breaking European Hegemony1
HIST 1153Transformations of Urban America: Making the Unequal Metropolis, 1945 to Today1
HIST 1310Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade1
HIST 1400Silver and Gold in the Americas from pre-history to the present1
HIST 1731Financial Meltdown, Past and Present1
HIST 1740Capitalism, Socialism, and Crisis in the 20th Century Americas1
HIST 2152Work and Workers in America1
HIST 2450Coca and Cocaine1
HIST 2733Taking Off: How Some Economies Get Rich1
HIST 3201Capitalism and Charity: The Long, Complicated Connection1
HIST 3701Capitalism and Humanitarianism1
HIST 3703Taking Off: How Some Economies Get Rich1
HIST 3930The History of Foreign Aid and Intervention in Africa1
HSOC 2312Healthy Schools1
INTR 2500Political Risk Analysis1
LALS 0040First-Year Seminar: Coca and Cocaine1
LALS 1090Urban Sociology1
LALS 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
LALS 1120Latin American Politics1
LALS 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
LALS 1310Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade1
LALS 1400Silver and Gold in the Americas from pre-history to the present1
LALS 1740Capitalism, Socialism, and Crisis in the 20th Century Americas1
LALS 2120Democracy in Latin America1
LALS 2450Coca and Cocaine1
LGST 2120Economic Analysis of Law1
LGST 2150Environmental Management: Law & Policy1
LGST 2160Emerging Economies1
LGST 2190Law and Policy in International Business1
LGST 2210Constitutional Law and Free Enterprise1
LGST 2240Human Rights and Globalization1
LGST 2260Markets, Morality & the Future of Capitalism1
LGST 2300Social Impact and Responsibility: Foundations1
MGMT 1110Multinational Management1
MGMT 2090The Political Environment of the Multinational Firm1
PHIL 1439Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
PHIL 2851Philosophy of Economics1
PSCI 0100Introduction to Comparative Politics1
PSCI 0101Comparative Politics of Developing Areas1
PSCI 0102Communism1
PSCI 1101The Politics of Slow Moving Crises1
PSCI 1102Political Economy of Development1
PSCI 1103Dilemmas of Immigration1
PSCI 1120Latin American Politics1
PSCI 1121U.S. Intervention in Latin America1
PSCI 1130Contemporary African Politics1
PSCI 1140Politics in the Contemporary Middle East1
PSCI 1150Contemporary Chinese Politics1
PSCI 1160Democracy and Development in India1
PSCI 1171The European Union1
PSCI 1172Russian Politics1
PSCI 1173Comparative Health Politics1
PSCI 1208The Politics of Food and Agriculture1
PSCI 1402International Political Economy1
PSCI 1403International Law & Institutions1
PSCI 1800Introduction to Data Science1
PSCI 2103Information Communication Technologies for Development1
PSCI 2120Democracy in Latin America1
PSCI 2160Modern India1
PSCI 2203Healthy Schools1
PSCI 3150China's Political Economy1
PSCI 3151Politics, Geopolitics, and China's Role in the World's Renewable Energy Revolution1
PSCI 3200Global Development: Intermediate Topics in Politics, Policy, and Data1
PSCI 4101The Right Market: Conservatism & Capitalism in Theory & Practice1
PSCI 4102Global Development: Intermediate Issues in Politics, Policy and Data1
PSCI 4130Oil to Diamonds: The Political Economy of Natural Resources in Africa1
PSCI 4170Comparative Politics of the Welfare State1
PSCI 4600Meaning of Democracy1
PSCI 5180The Political Economy of Gender1
PSCI 5290Inequality & Race Policy1
REAL 2300Urban Fiscal Policy1
REES 0150Prague: The Making of a European Nation1
REES 0170Europe: From an Idea to the Union1
REES 0171The Socialist City1
REES 1172Marx, Marxism, and the Culture of Revolution1
REES 1530Communism1
REES 1535Russian Politics1
REES 1630Soviet and Post-Soviet Economy1
REES 2670Shaping Russian Society: Soviet Heritage and Transformation1
REES 5670Shaping Russian Society: Soviet Heritage and Transformation1
SAST 0057Planning to be Off-shore?1
SAST 1160Democracy and Development in India1
SAST 2293Caste & Class in South Asia1
SOCI 1050Social Stratification1
SOCI 1051Class Matters: Poverty, Prosperity, and the American Dream1
SOCI 1090Urban Sociology1
SOCI 2410Metropolitan Growth and Poverty1
SOCI 2450Poverty, Race and Health1
SOCI 2904Oil to Diamonds: The Political Economy of Natural Resources in Africa1
SOCI 2910Globalization And Its Historical Significance1
SOCI 2940Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
SOCI 2945Globalization & The City: Global Urbanization1
URBS 0010Homelessness & Urban Inequality1
URBS 0171The Socialist City1
URBS 1090Urban Sociology1
URBS 1153Transformations of Urban America: Making the Unequal Metropolis, 1945 to Today1
URBS 1400Inequity and Empowerment: Urban Financial Literacy1
URBS 2160Social Entrepreneurship1
URBS 2410Metropolitan Growth and Poverty1
URBS 2450Poverty, Race and Health1
URBS 3424Political Ecologies of the City1
URBS 4170Cities and Sustainability1
URBS 4350The Political Economy of Urban Development1
URBS 4480Neighborhood Displacement and Community Power1
URBS 4500Urban Redevelopment1
URBS 4510The Politics of Housing and Urban Development1
URBS 4520Community Economic Development1
URBS 4540City Limits: The Impact of Urban Policy1
URBS 4570Globalization & The City: Global Urbanization1
URBS 4760Urban Housing & Community Development Policy in America1
URBS 4800Liberation and Ownership1