PSCI Minor Survey Research and Analytics (APSU)

CIS 1050Computational Data Exploration1
COMM 1250Introduction to Communication Behavior1
COMM 2260Introduction to Political Communication1
COMM 3130Computational Text Analysis for Communication Research1
COMM 4040Media and Politics1
ECON 0420Political Economy1
ECON 4420Political Economy1
LALS 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
MKTG 2120Data and Analysis for Marketing Decisions1
PPE 3002Public Policy Process1
PSCI 0200Introduction to American Politics1
PSCI 1200Public Policy Process1
PSCI 1201Public Opinion and American Democracy1
PSCI 1202Changing American Electorate1
PSCI 1207Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1
PSCI 1210Introduction to Political Communication1
PSCI 1290Race and Ethnic Politics1
PSCI 1801Statistical Methods PSCI1
PSCI 2201Polarization1
PSCI 3200Global Development: Intermediate Topics in Politics, Policy, and Data1
PSCI 3800Applied Data Science1
PSCI 3802Political Polling1
PSCI 4102Global Development: Intermediate Issues in Politics, Policy and Data1
PSCI 4200Political Psychology1
PSCI 4206How Divided Is America? Polarization in the United States1
PSCI 4208Media and Politics1
URBS 3200Who Gets Elected and Why? The Science of Politics1