ROML French Research Requirement (ARLF)

CIMS 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
CIMS 3820Horror Cinema1
CIMS 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
CIMS 3860Paris in Film1
COML 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
FREN 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3080Topics in French Culture1
FREN 3100Literary History1
FREN 3130French for Business II1
FREN 3220France and the European Union1
FREN 3250Advanced French: Translation1
FREN 3290Le français dans le monde/French in the World1
FREN 3300Medieval Literature1
FREN 3600The Enlightenment1
FREN 3700French Literature of the 19th Century1
FREN 3710Poe's French Legacies1
FREN 3720Crime and Punishment: Hugo’s Les Misérables in Context1
FREN 3800Literature of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3810Animal Words, Animal Worlds: Introduction to Zoopoetics1
FREN 3820Horror Cinema1
FREN 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1
FREN 3840The French Novel of the Twentieth Century1
FREN 3850Modern French Theater1
FREN 3860Paris in Film1
FREN 3890France and Its Others1
FREN 3900Francophone Postcolonial Cultures1
FREN 3905French Caribbean Thought & Literature1
FREN 3910Global France1
FREN 3999Independent Study1
FREN 4000Honors Thesis1
GSWS 3010French Identity in the Twentieth Century1
HIST 0723The Enlightenment1
ITAL 3830French & Italian Modern Horror1