SOCI Applied Research Methods and Data Analysis (ASRM)

COMM 5400Discourse Analysis1
CRIM 3250Methods of Investigation: Global Quantitative Data1
CRIM 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
CRIM 4012Machine Learning for Social Science1
CRIM 6012Machine Learning for Social Science1
DEMG 5600People and Place in Philadelphia1
DEMG 6120Categorical Data Analysis1
DEMG 7960Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations1
HSOC 2012Introduction to Data Analytics1
HSOC 2202Health of Populations1
LALS 2012Introduction to Data Analytics1
SOCI 2011Social Statistics Using R1
SOCI 2020Introduction to Data Analytics1
SOCI 2220Health of Populations1
SOCI 3200Qualitative Methods1
SOCI 3210Sample Survey Methods1
SOCI 3240Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations1
SOCI 3250Methods of Investigation1
SOCI 3501Machine Learning for Social Science1
SOCI 4002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
SOCI 5400Discourse Analysis1
SOCI 5600People and Place in Philadelphia1
SOCI 6012Machine Learning for Social Science1
SOCI 6050Public-Use Data for Social Science Research1
SOCI 6120Categorical Data Analysis1
SOCI 7960Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations1
STSC 2012Introduction to Data Analytics1