THAR Minor Practical Course (ATNP)

CIMS 0180Acting for the Camera1
CIMS 2810Method Acting: From Self to Stage and Screen1
ENGL 2879Acting Shakespeare1
ENGL 2882Method Acting: From Self to Stage and Screen1
ENGL 2899Dramaturgy1
ENGL 3604Playwriting Workshop1
ENGL 3605Advanced Playwriting1
ENGL 3607Adaptation1
ENGL 3650Self-Scripting: Writing through Body and Space1
THAR 0020Fundamentals of Acting: First-Year Seminar1
THAR 0114Playwriting Workshop1
THAR 0115Self-Scripting: Writing through Body and Space1
THAR 0120Introduction to Acting1
THAR 0121Introduction to Directing1
THAR 0130Introduction to Light, Set, and Costume Design1
THAR 0170Voice for the Actor1
THAR 0171Movement for the Actor1
THAR 0180Acting for the Camera1
THAR 1114Advanced Playwriting1
THAR 1115Adaptation1
THAR 1120Advanced Acting1
THAR 1131Concepts of Lighting1
THAR 1132Concepts of Stage Design1
THAR 1133Costume1
THAR 1135Theatrical Collaboration: Directors and Designers1
THAR 2236Acting Shakespeare1
THAR 2500Theatre Workshop1
THAR 2740Dramaturgy1
THAR 2800Improvisation: History, Theory, Practice1
THAR 2810Method Acting: From Self to Stage and Screen1
THAR 3000Acting & Directing Lab1
THAR 3120Scene Study1
THAR 3500Rehearsal and Performance1
THAR 3501Production for Performance1