COL Foundational Appr. - Formal Reason&Analysis (AUFR)

CIS 1050Computational Data Exploration1
CIS 1100Introduction to Computer Programming1
CIS 1200Programming Languages and Techniques I1
CIS 1400Introduction to Cognitive Science1
COGS 1001Introduction to Cognitive Science1
LGIC 1710Introduction to Logic1
LING 0500Introduction to Formal Linguistics1
LING 1005Introduction to Cognitive Science1
MATH 1070Mathematics of change, Part I1
MATH 1080Mathematics of change, Part II1
MATH 1100Calculus for Wharton Students1
MATH 1400Calculus, Part I1
MATH 1410Calculus, Part II1
MATH 1510Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices1
MATH 1610Honors Calculus1
MATH 1700Ideas in Mathematics1
MATH 2020Proving Things: Analysis1
MATH 2030Proving things: Algebra1
MUSC 1700Introduction to Theory and Musicianship1
MUSC 2700Theory and Musicianship I1.5
PHIL 0710Logic and Formal Reasoning1
PHIL 1710Introduction to Logic1
PHIL 1840Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PSYC 1333Introduction to Cognitive Science1