ALAN 5100Elementary Mongolian I1
AMHR 0100Elementary Amharic I1
AMHR 0200Elementary Amharic II1
AMHR 0300Intermediate Amharic I1
ARAB 0100Elementary Arabic I1
ARAB 0200Elementary Arabic II1
ARAB 0220Beginning Arabic II1
ARAB 0250Intensive Elementary Arabic I&II2
ARAB 0300Intermediate Arabic III1
ASLD 0100American Sign Language I1
ASLD 0200American Sign Language II1
ASLD 0300American Sign Language III1
BCS 0100Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I1
BCS 0200Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian II1
BCS 0300Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian III1
BENG 0100Beginning Bengali Part I1
BENG 0200Beginning Bengali Part II1
BENG 0300Intermediate Bengali Part I1
CHIC 0100Elementary Chichewa I1
CHIC 0200Elementary Chichewa II1
CHIC 0300Intermediate Chichewa I1
CHIN 0100Beginning Chinese I1
CHIN 0105Spoken Chinese I1
CHIN 0131Beginning Cantonese I1
CHIN 0133Beginning Taiwanese I1
CHIN 0160Beginning Business Chinese I1
CHIN 0200Beginning Chinese II1
CHIN 0205Spoken Chinese II1
CHIN 0210Intensive Beginning Chinese I & II2
CHIN 0231Beginning Cantonese II1
CHIN 0233Beginning Taiwanese II1
CHIN 0260Beginning Business Chinese II1
CHIN 0300Intermediate Chinese I1
CHIN 0301Intermediate Chinese I1
CHIN 0305Spoken Chinese III1
CHIN 0320Reading and Writing in Chinese I (for Fluent Speakers)1
CHIN 0331Intermediate Cantonese I1
CHIN 0333Intermediate Taiwanese I1
CHIN 0431Intermediate Cantonese II1
CHIN 0433Intermediate Taiwanese II1
CHIN 5100Beginning Chinese I1
CHIN 5105Spoken Chinese I1
CHIN 5160Beginning Business Chinese I1
CHIN 5200Beginning Chinese II1
CHIN 5205Spoken Chinese II1
CHIN 5210Intensive Beginning Chinese I & II2
CHIN 5233Beginning Taiwanese II1
CHIN 5260Beginning Business Chinese II1
CHIN 5300Intermediate Chinese I1
CHIN 5305Spoken Chinese III1
CHIN 5320Reading and Writing in Chinese I (for Fluent Speakers)1
CHIN 5500High Intermediate Chinese I1
CZCH 0010Czech Through Film1
CZCH 0100Czech I1
CZCH 0200Czech II1
CZCH 0300Czech III1
DTCH 0100Elementary Dutch I1
DTCH 0200Elementary Dutch II1
DTCH 0300Intermediate Dutch I1
FILP 0100Beginning Filipino I1
FILP 0300Intermediate Filipino I1
FILP 0400Intermediate Filipino II1
FILP 0500Filipino Language and Culture1
FREN 0100Elementary French I1
FREN 0120Intensive Elementary French for Beginners2
FREN 0150Intensive Elementary French Abroad2
FREN 0200Elementary French II1
FREN 0210Accelerated Elementary French for False Beginners1
FREN 0300Intermediate French I1
GREK 0100Elementary Classical Greek I1
GREK 0180Elementary Modern Greek I1
GREK 0200Elementary Classical Greek II1
GREK 0280Elementary Modern Greek II1
GREK 0300Intermediate Classical Greek: Prose1
GREK 0380Intermediate Modern Greek I1
GREK 0388Greek/Heritage Speakers I1
GRMN 0100Elementary German I1
GRMN 0150Accelerated Elementary German2
GRMN 0200Elementary German II1
GRMN 0300Intermediate German I1
GUJR 0100Beginning Gujarati Part I1
GUJR 0200Beginning Gujarati Part II1
GUJR 0300Intermediate Gujarati Part I1
HEBR 0100Elementary Modern Hebrew I1
HEBR 0200Elementary Modern Hebrew II1
HEBR 0300Intermediate Modern Hebrew III1
HIND 0100Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part I1
HIND 0200Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part II1
HIND 0300Intermediate Hindi Part I1
HUNG 0100Hungarian I1
HUNG 0200Hungarian II1
HUNG 0300Hungarian III1
IGBO 0100Elementary Igbo I1
IGBO 0200Elementary Igbo II1
IGBO 0300Intermediate Igbo I1
IGBO 1300Igbo Language and Culture1
INDO 0100Elementary Indonesian I1
INDO 0200Elementary Indonesian II1
INDO 0300Intermediate Indonesian I1
IRIS 0100Beginning Irish Gaelic I1
IRIS 0200Beginning Irish Gaelic II1
IRIS 0300Intermediate Irish Gaelic I1
ITAL 0100Elementary Italian I1
ITAL 0120Accelerated Elementary Italian2
ITAL 0200Elementary Italian II1
ITAL 0300Intermediate Italian I1
JPAN 0100Beginning Japanese I1
JPAN 0105Spoken Japanese II1
JPAN 0200Beginning Japanese II1
JPAN 0210Intensive Beginning Japanese I & II2
JPAN 0300Intermediate Japanese I1
JPAN 0400Intermediate Japanese II1
JPAN 0410Intensive Intermediate Japanese I & II2
JPAN 5100Beginning Japanese I1
JPAN 5200Beginning Japanese II1
JPAN 5210Intensive Beginning Japanese I & II2
JPAN 5300Intermediate Japanese I1
JWST 0100Elementary Modern Hebrew I1
JWST 0160Beginning Yiddish I1
JWST 0200Elementary Modern Hebrew II1
JWST 0260Beginning Yiddish II1
JWST 0300Intermediate Modern Hebrew III1
JWST 0360Intermediate Yiddish I1
KAND 0100Beginning Kannada I1
KAND 0200Beginning Kannada II1
KAND 0300Intermediate Kannada I1
KORN 0100Beginning Korean I1
KORN 0103Spoken Korean I1
KORN 0105Spoken Korean II1
KORN 0200Beginning Korean II1
KORN 0201Beginning Korean II1
KORN 0210Intensive Beginning Korean I & II2
KORN 0220Korean for Heritage Speakers I1
KORN 0300Intermediate Korean I1
KORN 0400Intermediate Korean II1
KORN 0401Intermediate Korean II1
KORN 0420Korean for Heritage Speakers II1
KORN 5100Beginning Korean I1
KORN 5200Beginning Korean II1
KORN 5201Beginning Korean II1
KORN 5300Intermediate Korean I1
KORN 5678Medical Communication in Korean1
LANG 0100Elementary I1
LANG 0200Elementary II1
LANG 0300Intermediate I1
LANG 0400Intermediate II1
LANG 5100Elementary I1
LATN 0100Elementary Latin I1
LATN 0110Intensive Elementary Latin2
LATN 0200Elementary Latin II1
LATN 0300Intermediate Latin: Prose1
MALG 0100Elementary Malagasy1
MALG 0200Elementary Malagasy II1
MALG 0201Malagasy (Elementary II) Language in a Cultural Context1
MALG 0300Intermediate Malagasy I1
MALG 0401Intermediate Malagasy II: Language in a Cultural Context1
MLYM 0100Beginning Malayalam Part I1
MLYM 0200Beginning Malayalam Part II1
MLYM 0300Intermediate Malayalam Part I1
MRTI 0100Beginning Marathi I1
MRTI 0200Beginning Marathi II1
MRTI 0300Intermediate Marathi I1
PASH 0100Elementary Pashto I1
PASH 0200Elementary Pashto II1
PASH 0300Intermediate Pashto I1
PERS 0100Elementary Persian I1
PERS 0200Elementary Persian II1
PERS 0300Intermediate Persian I1
PERS 0390Persian for Heritage Speakers I1
PLSH 0100Polish I1
PLSH 0200Polish II1
PLSH 0201Polish for Heritage Speakers I1
PLSH 0300Polish III1
PRTG 0100Elementary Portuguese I1
PRTG 0200Elementary Portuguese II1
PRTG 0300Intermediate Portuguese I1
PSCI 3151Politics, Geopolitics, and China's Role in the World's Renewable Energy Revolution1
PUNJ 0100Beginning Punjabi Part I1
PUNJ 0200Beginning Punjabi Part II1
PUNJ 0300Intermediate Punjabi Part I1
QUEC 0100Elementary Quechua I1
QUEC 0200Elementary Quechua II1
QUEC 0300Intermediate Quechua I1
RUSS 0100Russian I1
RUSS 0150Accelerated Russian I-II2
RUSS 0200Russian II1
RUSS 0300Russian III1
RUSS 0360Intermediate Russian Grammar Review, Composition, and Conversation1
SKRT 0100Sanskrit 1st Year, Part I1
SPAN 0100Elementary Spanish I1
SPAN 0105Spanish for the Medical Professions, Elementary I1
SPAN 0120Elementary Spanish I and II: Accelerated2
SPAN 0200Elementary Spanish II1
SPAN 0205Spanish for the Medical Professions, Elementary II1
SPAN 0210Elementary Spanish I and II: Advanced Beginners1
SPAN 0300Intermediate Spanish I1
SPAN 0305Spanish for the Medical Professions: Intermediate I1
SWAH 0100Elementary Swahili I1
SWAH 0200Elementary Swahili II1
SWAH 0300Intermediate Swahili I1
SWED 0100Elementary Swedish I1
SWED 0200Elementary Swedish II1
SWED 0300Intermediate Swedish I1
TAML 0100Beginning Tamil Part I1
TAML 0200Beginning Tamil Part II1
TAML 0300Intermediate Tamil Part I1
TELU 0100Beginning Telugu Part I1
TELU 0200Beginning Telugu Part II1
TELU 0300Intermediate Telugu Part I1
THAI 0100Beginning Thai I1
THAI 0200Beginning Thai II1
THAI 0300Intermediate Thai I1
TIBT 0100Beginning Tibetan I1
TIBT 0200Beginning Tibetan II1
TIBT 0300Intermediate Tibetan I1
TIGR 0100Elementary Tigrinya I1
TIGR 0200Elementary Tigrinya II1
TIGR 0300Intermediate Tigrinya I1
TIGR 1300Tigrinya Language and Culture1
TIGR 1400Tigrinya Language and Culture II1
TURK 0100Elementary Turkish I1
TURK 0150Introduction to the Languages of Central Asia1
TURK 0200Elementary Turkish II1
TURK 0300Intermediate Turkish I1
TURK 5300Intermediate Turkish I1
TWI 0100Elementary Twi I1
UKRN 0100Ukrainian I1
UKRN 0200Ukrainian II1
UKRN 0300Ukrainian III1
URDU 0100Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part I1
URDU 0200Beginning Hindi-Urdu Part II1
URDU 0300Intermediate Urdu Part I1
VIET 0100Beginning Vietnamese I1
VIET 0120Vietnamese Heritage Speakers I1
VIET 0200Beginning Vietnamese II1
VIET 0300Intermediate Vietnamese I1
VIET 5120Vietnamese Heritage Speakers I1
VIET 5300Intermediate Vietnamese I1
WOLF 0100Elementary Wolof I1
WOLF 0200Elementary Wolof II1
WOLF 0300Intermediate Wolof I1
YDSH 0100Beginning Yiddish I1
YDSH 0200Beginning Yiddish II1
YDSH 0300Intermediate Yiddish I1
YORB 0100Elementary Yoruba I1
YORB 0200Elementary Yoruba II1
YORB 0300Intermediate Yoruba I1
ZULU 0100Elementary Zulu I1
ZULU 0120Elementary Zulu: Accelerated2
ZULU 0200Elementary Zulu II1
ZULU 0300Intermediate Zulu I1