APOP 1000Introduction to Positive Psychology1
APOP 1200Human Flourishing: Strengths and Resilience1
APOP 2000Positive Psychology at Work1
APOP 3400Flourishing through Creativity and the Arts1
CLCH 1600Oceanography1
CLCH 2100Introduction to Disaster Management1
CLCH 2200Atmospheric Science1
CLCH 2300Climate Change1
CLSC 1000Greek and Roman Mythology1
CLSC 2500Ancient Cities1
CRWR 1010The Craft of Creative Writing1
CRWR 1600Modern and Contemporary US Poetry1
CRWR 2010Poetry Workshop1
CRWR 2400The Art of Editing1
CRWR 2600Fiction Workshop1
CRWR 2800Narrative Collage1
CRWR 3000Writing About Place1
CRWR 3200Screenwriting1
CRWR 3600Advanced Nonfiction1
CRWR 3700Journalism Workshop1
DATA 1010Introduction to Data Analytics1
DATA 4010Advanced Data Analytics1
DIGC 1200Digital Literacy & Cultural Change1
DIGC 1600A History of Digital Culture1
DIGC 3000Intermediate Coding for Digital Strategies1
ENLT 1000Ways of Reading1
ENLT 1200Literature, Culture, and Society1
ENLT 1400History in Eight Books1
ENLT 3000Radical Literature1
ETHC 2000Ethics & Society1
GAFL 5590Social Enterprise1
GAFL 5810Law, Religion, and Politics1
GLBS 1000Introduction to Global Studies1
GLBS 3200Latin America and the Caribbean: Themes, Trajectories and Disruptions1
GLBS 3900Applied Economics in Global Contexts1
ICOM 1000Intercultural Communication1
LALS 4020U.S.- Latin American Relations1
LEAD 1010Leadership Theory, Practice and Purpose1
LEAD 1020Leadership Theory and Practice1
LEAD 1040Professional Communication and Personal Development1
LEAD 2020Leadership Lessons from Social Sciences1
LEAD 2030Leadership Lessons from Humanities1
LEAD 3100Leadership and Public Administration1
LEAD 3300Leadership and Nonprofit Management1
MODM 1000The Middle East and the West1
MODM 2000Women and Gender in the Middle East1
MODM 2600Oil,Poli in Mid East1
MODM 3000Rlgs Trads Mid East1
MTHS 1000Mathematical Foundations for Data Analytics1
MTHS 2000Mathematics All Around You1
MTHS 2200Introduction to Applied Statistics1
MUSI 2000Contemporary African Music1
NEUR 1000Introduction to Neuroscience1
NEUR 2000Behavioral Neuroscience1
NEUR 2600Hormones,Brain,Behavior1
ORGC 1600Introduction to Team Culture1
ORGC 2010Virtual Collaboration1
ORGC 3010Anthropology of Corporations1
ORGC 3300Building Influence Across Cultural Boundaries in Organizations1
PCPR 1010Pre-College Program0.5-1
PHYL 1200Foundations of Life Sciences1
PHYL 1600Foundations of Physical & Chemical Sciences1
PHYL 2100Fundamental Chemical Principles1
PHYL 2200Biochemistry – Chemical Principles of Living Systems1
PHYL 2300Physics with Python Applications: Mechanics1
PHYL 2400Physics with Python Applications - Electromagnetism1
PROW 1000Fundamentals of Professional Writing1
PROW 1010Fundamentals of Academic Reading and Writing1
PROW 1020The Elements of Style1
PROW 1030Introduction to College Writing1
PROW 2000Writing with Data1
PROW 2010Designing Effective Presentations1
PROW 2020Strategic Communication Skills for Fundraisers1
PROW 2050The Elements of Style1
PROW 3010The Power of Storytelling1
PROW 4000Writing for Social Media1
PSHA 0006Penn Summer Humanities Academy0
PSPR 0001Pspr Course0
RELC 1010Greek and Roman Mythology1
RELC 2000Gods, Ghosts, Monsters1
RELC 2010Monsters of Japan1
RELC 2500Asian Religions1
SDEI 2500Race, Place, and Space1
SPRO 1000Scientific Reasoning1