COL Foundational Appr. - Quant Data Analysis (AUQD)

AFRC 2010Social Statistics1
ANTH 1430Explorations in Human Biology1
ANTH 3180Anthropology and Praxis1
ANTH 3454Quantitative Analysis of Anthropological Data1
ASTR 0001A Survey of the Universe1
ASTR 0006The Solar System, Exoplanets, and Life1
ASTR 0007The Big Bang and Beyond1
BIOL 1121Introduction to Biology - The Molecular Biology of Life1
BIOL 4623Plant Ecology1
CHEM 1101General Chemistry Laboratory I.5
CHEM 1102General Chemistry Laboratory II.5
CHEM 1200Environmental Chemistry1
COMM 2100Quantitative Research Methods in Communication1
CRIM 1200Statistics for the Social Sciences I1
CRIM 1201Statistics for the Social Sciences II1
ECON 2300Statistics for Economists1
ECON 2310Econometric Methods and Models1
ECON 4310Macro-Econometric Techniques and Applications1
ECON 4320Micro-econometric Techniques and Applications1
EESC 1000Earth Systems Science1
EESC 1030Oceanography1
EESC 1050Earth and Life Through Time1
EESC 1060Natural Disturbances and Disasters1
EESC 1090Introduction to Geotechnical Science1.5
ENGL 1670Data Science for the Humanities1
ENVS 1000Introduction to Environmental Science1
ENVS 1540Comparative Cultures of Sustainability1
GRMN 1150Comparative Cultures of Sustainability1
HSOC 2002Sociological Research Methods1
HSOC 2202Health of Populations1
INTR 3500Research Methods/Practice in IR1
LING 0600Introduction to Sociolinguistics1
LING 0700Data Science for Studying Language and the Mind1
LING 1750Psychology of Language1
MATH 2100Mathematics in the Age of Information1
NETS 1120Networked Life1
PHYS 0009Physics for Architects II1
PHYS 0050Physics Laboratory I0.5
PHYS 0051Physics Laboratory II0.5
PHYS 0101General Physics: Mechanics, Heat and Sound1.5
PHYS 0102General Physics: Electromagnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics1.5
PHYS 0150Principles of Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0151Principles of Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 0170Honors Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0171Honors Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 1100Foundations of Data Science1.5
PSCI 1201Public Opinion and American Democracy1
PSCI 1202Changing American Electorate1
PSCI 1800Introduction to Data Science1
PSCI 1801Statistical Methods PSCI1
PSCI 3800Applied Data Science1
PSYC 2310Psychology of Language1
PSYC 2737Judgment and Decisions1
PSYC 4310Research Experience in Cognitive Psychology1
PSYC 4440Sexuality and Attraction Research Experience Course1
PSYC 4462Research Experience in Abnormal Psychology1
SOCI 2000Sociological Research Methods1
SOCI 2010Social Statistics1
SOCI 2011Social Statistics Using R1
SOCI 2220Health of Populations1
SOCI 3220Basic Demographic Methods1
STAT 1010Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1018Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1020Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1028Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1110Introductory Statistics1
STAT 1120Introductory Statistics1
STAT 4300Probability1
STAT 4310Statistical Inference1
URBS 2000Introduction to Urban Research1
URBS 3300GIS Applications in Social Science1