VLST Art, Practice and Technology (AVPT)

DSGN 0010Art, Design and Digital Culture1
DSGN 0020Design 21: Design After the Digital1
DSGN 1010Digital Illustration1
DSGN 10303-D Computer Modeling1
DSGN 1040Open Book1
DSGN 1050Typography1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
FNAR 0010Drawing I1
FNAR 1010Video I1
FNAR 1020Photography Practices1
FNAR 1030Introduction to Photography1
FNAR 1040Digital Photography1
FNAR 1060Sculpture I1
FNAR 1080Figure Drawing I1
FNAR 1090Painting I1
FNAR 1100Introduction to Printmaking1
FNAR 1110The Big Picture: Mural Arts in Philadelphia1
VLST 1050Inventing Photography1
VLST 2370Material History of Photography1
VLST 2390Virtual Reality for Artists1
VLST 3090Investigative Photography for Scientists and Artists1