BAAS-Concentration-Literature, Culture, Tradition (BBLT)

CLCH 3100Global Environmental Issues1
CLSC 1000Greek and Roman Mythology1
CLSC 1200Archaeology of Greece and Rome1
CLSC 2500Ancient Cities1
CRWR 1010The Craft of Creative Writing1
CRWR 1600Modern and Contemporary US Poetry1
CRWR 2010Poetry Workshop1
CRWR 2400The Art of Editing1
CRWR 2500Writing and Meditation1
CRWR 2600Fiction Workshop1
CRWR 2800Narrative Collage1
CRWR 3000Writing About Place1
CRWR 3200Screenwriting1
CRWR 3600Advanced Nonfiction1
CRWR 3700Journalism Workshop1
DIGC 1200Digital Literacy & Cultural Change1
DIGC 1600A History of Digital Culture1
DIGC 2000Coding Foundations for Digital Strategies1
DIGC 2200Design Thinking for Digital Projects1
DIGC 3200Designing Critical Futures1
DIGC 3600Applications of Digital Culture1
ENLT 1200Literature, Culture, and Society1
GLBS 1000Introduction to Global Studies1
GLBS 2000Globalization: Social, Economic, and Political Aspects1
GLBS 2800Contemporary Issues in Global Health1
GLBS 3800Portraits of Contemporary Russia: Politics, Culture, and Conflict1
ICOM 1000Intercultural Communication1
MUSI 2000Contemporary African Music1
ORGC 2010Virtual Collaboration1
PROW 4010Composing a Professional Identity1
RELC 2000Gods, Ghosts, Monsters1
RELC 2500Asian Religions1
SDEI 1700Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life1