BAAS-Concentration-Organizational Studies (BBOS)

APOP 1000Introduction to Positive Psychology1
APOP 1200Human Flourishing: Strengths and Resilience1
APOP 2000Positive Psychology at Work1
APOP 2200Flourishing with Others: Building Thriving Relationships1
APOP 2700Flourishing and Well-Being in Resilient Communities1
APOP 2900Understanding the Science of Positive Psychology1
APOP 3400Flourishing through Creativity and the Arts1
CRWR 1600Modern and Contemporary US Poetry1
CRWR 3200Screenwriting1
GLBS 2200Global Human Rights1
ORGC 1600Introduction to Team Culture1
ORGC 2010Virtual Collaboration1
ORGC 3010Anthropology of Corporations1
ORGC 3300Building Influence Across Cultural Boundaries in Organizations1
PROW 2000Writing with Data1
PROW 2010Designing Effective Presentations1
SDEI 1600Race and Ethnicity in Organizations1