BAAS-Concentration-Physical and Life Sciences (BBPL)

CLCH 1600Oceanography1
CLCH 2100Introduction to Disaster Management1
CLCH 2200Atmospheric Science1
CLCH 2300Climate Change1
CLCH 3000Communicating Science1
CLCH 3100Global Environmental Issues1
MTHS 1000Mathematical Foundations for Data Analytics1
MTHS 2000Mathematics All Around You1
MTHS 2200Introduction to Applied Statistics1
NEUR 1000Introduction to Neuroscience1
NEUR 1600The Neuroscience of Music1
NEUR 2000Behavioral Neuroscience1
NEUR 2600Hormones,Brain,Behavior1
NEUR 2800Autonomic Pharmacology1
NEUR 4000Psychopharmacology1
PHYL 1200Foundations of Life Sciences1
PHYL 1600Foundations of Physical & Chemical Sciences1
PHYL 2100Fundamental Chemical Principles1
PHYL 2200Biochemistry – Chemical Principles of Living Systems1
PHYL 2300Physics with Python Applications: Mechanics1
PHYL 2400Physics with Python Applications - Electromagnetism1