BAAS-Cert-Soc Diff, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (BCSD)

APOP 2700Flourishing and Well-Being in Resilient Communities1
DIGC 1200Digital Literacy & Cultural Change1
DIGC 2600Diverse Projects for Digital Publics1
DIGC 3200Designing Critical Futures1
GLBS 2200Global Human Rights1
ICOM 1000Intercultural Communication1
SDEI 1100Introduction to Social Difference in American Society1
SDEI 1600Race and Ethnicity in Organizations1
SDEI 1700Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life1
SDEI 2000Organizational and Institutional Power1
SDEI 2100Cultural and Social Identity1
SDEI 2500Race, Place, and Space1
SDEI 2600Addressing Inequity through Art and Design1
SDEI 4400Intersectional History of Sexuality1