MCS Core Courses (BMCC)

BBCB 5540Macromolecular Crystallography: Methods and Applications1
BMB 5670Bio-inorganic Chemistry1
BMB 7510Chemical Biology1
CHEM 5210Statistical Mechanics I1
CHEM 5230Quantum Chemistry I1
CHEM 5240Quantum Chemistry II1
CHEM 5260Chemical Dynamics1
CHEM 5410Chemical Kinetics0.5
CHEM 5411Physical Organic Chemistry1
CHEM 5430Modern Organic Synthesis1
CHEM 5440Organic Reaction Mechanisms1
CHEM 5510Biological Chemistry I1
CHEM 5520Biological Chemistry II1
CHEM 5570Mechanisms of Biological Catalysis1
CHEM 5620Inorganic Chemistry II1
CHEM 5640Organometallics1
CHEM 5650Main Group Chemistry1
CHEM 5670Bio-inorganic Chemistry1
CHEM 7210Mathematics for Chemistry0.5
CHEM 7410Spectroscopy0.5
CHEM 7412NMR Spectroscopy0.5
CHEM 7510Chemical Biology1
CHEM 7640Materials Chemistry1
MSE 5000Experimental Methods in Materials Science1
MSE 5550Electrochemical Engineering of Materials1