MCS Electives (BMCE)

BBCB 5100Data Analysis and Scientific Inference1
BIOL 4004Immunobiology1
BIOL 4007Cancer Cell Biology1
BIOL 5022Cell Signaling1
CHEM 5250Molecular Spectroscopy0.5
CHEM 6010Chemical Information0.5
CHEM 6011Chemical Information for Biological Chemists1
CHEM 6012Chemical Information for Inorganic and Materials Chemists1
CHEM 6013Chemical Information for Organic Chemists1
CHEM 6014Chemical Information for Physical Chemists0.5
CHEM 6620Proposal Writing for Inorganic and Organic Chemists0.5
CHEM 7230Dynamics of Polymers0.5
CHEM 7420Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design I0.5
CHEM 7440Bioinspired Synthesis. Methods, Tactics, and Strategies.0.5
CHEM 7450Total Synthesis0.5
CHEM 7460Intermediate Organic Chemistry1
CHEM 7610Coordination Chemistry0.5
CHEM 7630X-ray II0.5
CHEM 7650Chemistry of the f-Block Elements0.5
DYNM 6190Organizational Project Management1
MCS 5980MCS Literature Review1
MCS 5990MCS Independent Studies0-1
MSE 6400Optical Materials1