MES Environmental Policy Elective (BMEP)

BEPP 7610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
BEPP 7630Energy Markets & Policy1
BEPP 7890Economic Globalization: Policy, History and Contemporary Issues1
BEPP 8050Risk Management1
CPLN 6350Water Policy1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 5020Renewable Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability1
EAS 5030Energy Systems and Policy1
EAS 5050Climate Policy and Technology1
ENMG 5020Introduction to Energy Policy1
ENMG 5030Topics in Energy Policy1
ENVS 5600Developing Environmental Policy1
ENVS 6641Topics in Water Policy1
ENVS 6810Environmental Enforcement1
ENVS 6825Urban Water Policies and Practices for a Changing Climate1
ENVS 6880Risk Assessment: Science & Policy Challenges1
ESE 5670Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
LAW 6340Environmental Law3
LGST 8060Negotiations1
LGST 8150Environmental Management: Law and Policy1
MGMT 6910Negotiations1
OIDD 6910Negotiations1
OIDD 7610Risk Analysis and Environmental Management1
OIDD 7630Energy Markets & Policy1