MES Environmental Sustainability Elective (BMES)

BEPP 7630Energy Markets & Policy1
BEPP 8050Risk Management1
CPLN 7300Sustainable Cities1
DYNM 6190Organizational Project Management1
DYNM 6580Fundamentals of Sustainability1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 5020Renewable Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability1
EAS 5030Energy Systems and Policy1
EAS 5050Climate Policy and Technology1
ENMG 5020Introduction to Energy Policy1
ENVS 5220Sustainable Agriculture and Product Stewardship.1
ENVS 6050Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy1
ENVS 6520Sustainable Estuaries: An Investigation of Resources & Recovery1
ENVS 6530Corporate Sustainability Strategies1
ENVS 6550Life Cycle Assessment1
ENVS 6675Global Supply Chain Decarbonization1
ENVS 6680ESG Integration in Business Practices1
ENVS 6830Sustainable Resource Recovery from Wastes1
LGST 8150Environmental Management: Law and Policy1
OIDD 7620Environmental Sustainability and Value Creation0.5
OIDD 7630Energy Markets & Policy1
URBS 4170Cities and Sustainability1