MES Urban Environment Elective (BMEU)

ARCH 7510Ecology, Technology, and Design1
BEPP 7730Urban Fiscal Policy1
CPLN 5050Planning by Numbers1
CPLN 5060Negotiation and Conflict Resolution1
CPLN 5090Law of Planning and Urban Development1
CPLN 6200Techniques of Urban Economic Development1
CPLN 6350Water Policy1
CPLN 6420Downtown Development1
CPLN 6750Land Use and Environmental Modeling1
CPLN 7300Sustainable Cities1
EESC 5320Fundamentals of Air Pollution1
EESC 6715Water Resources for Geologists and Environmental Scientists1
ENVS 6870City Sustainability Policies: Building Performance, Energy, and Carbon1
FNCE 7300Urban Fiscal Policy1
GAFL 5690The Politics of Housing and Community Development1
MSSP 7300Community Mapping1
MUSA 6750Land Use and Environmental Modeling1
REAL 7300Urban Fiscal Policy1
URBS 4040Philanthropy and the City1
URBS 4170Cities and Sustainability1
URBS 4500Urban Redevelopment1
URBS 4510The Politics of Housing and Urban Development1
URBS 4520Community Economic Development1
URBS 5300GIS Applications in Social Science1