LPS MSOD Global and Cultural Organization (BMOG)

DYNM 5010Perspectives on Organizational Dynamics1
DYNM 6090Critical Imagination: Diverse Strategies for Meaningful Change1
DYNM 6200The Art and Science of Understanding Paradox in Organizations1
DYNM 6280Organizational Diagnosis: Diagnostic Strengths for Effectiveness1
DYNM 6310Everyday Intergenerational Conversations: Baby Boomers and Millenials1
DYNM 6460Race, Ethnicity, and the American Workplace1
DYNM 6470Influence and Persuasion1
DYNM 6540Crisis Communications and Reputation Risk1
DYNM 6610Organizational Culture Change: Theory and Practice1
DYNM 6770Post-Disruptive Growth: Scaling and Growing for Individuals and Systems1
DYNM 7580Sweden: Strategies for Thriving in the 21st Century1
DYNM 7660Global Collaboration for Sustainability - The Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Italy1
DYNM 7810Panama: Innovations in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability at the Hub of the Americas1
DYNM 7860European Approaches to Multi-Stakeholder Project Management1
DYNM 7870The Intersection Between Business Agility and Sustainability and Its Impact on Organizational Design1