MBIOT BioTech I Course (EMBT)

BBCB 5850Wistar Institute Cancer Biology Course: Signaling Pathways in Cancer1
BE 5120Bioengineering III: Biomaterials1
BE 5400Principles of Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering1
BE 5530Principles, Methods, and Applications of Tissue Engineering1
BE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
BE 5580Principles of Biological Fabrication1
BE 5610Musculoskeletal Biology and Bioengineering1
BE 6080Medical Entrepreneurship: Commercializing Translational Science1
BIOL 4004Immunobiology1
BIOL 4007Cancer Cell Biology1
BIOL 4010Advanced Cell Biology1
BIOL 4026Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle1
BIOL 4077The Science and Art of Biotechnology1
BIOL 4210Molecular Genetics1
BIOL 4231Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
BIOL 4234Epigenetics1
BIOL 4235The RNA World: A functional and computational analysis1
BIOL 5010Advanced Cell Biology1
BIOL 5022Cell Signaling1
BIOL 5026Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle1
BIOL 5210Molecular Biology and Genetics1
BIOL 5231Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
BIOL 5234Epigenetics1
BIOL 5536Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
BIOL 5710Microbial Diversity and Pathogenesis1
BIOM 5020Molecular Basis of Disease1
BIOM 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
CAMB 4310Genome Science and Genomic Medicine1
CAMB 4800Advanced Cell Biology1
CAMB 4830Epigenetics1
CAMB 4850The RNA World: A functional and computational analysis1
CAMB 4860Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle1
CAMB 6090Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics1
CAMB 6170Emerging Infectious Diseases1
CAMB 7520Genomics1
CBE 5400Principles of Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering1
CBE 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
CBE 5570Stem Cells, Proteomics and Drug Delivery - Soft Matter Fundamentals1
CIS 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
CIS 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
GCB 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
GCB 7520Genomics1
IMUN 6090Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics1
MEAM 5550Nanoscale Systems Biology1
MTR 5350Introduction to Bioinformatics1
MTR 6200Medical Entrepreneurship: Commercializing Translational Science1
PHRM 6230Fundamentals of Pharmacology1