MSE CBE Elective (EMCE)

CBE 5140Data Science and Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering1
CIT 5900Programming Languages and Techniques1
CIT 5920Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 5030Energy Systems and Policy1
EAS 5050Climate Policy and Technology1
EAS 5060Electricity and Systems Markets1
EAS 5070Intellectual Property and Business Law for Engineers1
EAS 5100Technical Communication and Academic Wrting for Non-native Speakers of English1
EAS 5120Engineering Negotiation1
EAS 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
EAS 5460Engineering Entrepreneurship II1
EAS 5490Engineering Entrepreneurship Lab1
EAS 5900Commercializing Information Technology1
ENGR 5400Engineering Economics1
ESE 5400Engineering Economics1
ESE 5440Project Management1
IPD 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1