CIS NonCIS Elective (EMCI)

AMCS 5141Advanced Linear Algebra1
AMCS 5461Advanced Applied Probability1
AMCS 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
ARCH 7250Design Thinking1
BE 5210Brain-Computer Interfaces1
BE 5300Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
BE 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
BIOL 5536Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
BIOL 5860Mathematical Modeling in Biology1
BSTA 5500Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance1
CIS 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
CRIM 6002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
EAS 5070Intellectual Property and Business Law for Engineers1
EAS 5100Technical Communication and Academic Wrting for Non-native Speakers of English1
EAS 5120Engineering Negotiation1
EAS 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
EAS 5460Engineering Entrepreneurship II1
EAS 5900Commercializing Information Technology1
EAS 5950Foundations of Leadership1
ECON 6100Microeconomic Theory1
ECON 6110Game Theory and Applications1
ECON 7100Microeconomic Theory I1
ECON 7110Microeconomic Theory II1
EDUC 5100Experimental Course (Teaching, Learning, and Leadership)1
EDUC 5271Selected Topics in ELX: Technology in Language Education1
EDUC 5272Selected Topics in ELX: Conversation Analysis for Second Language Teaching and Research1
EDUC 5273Selected Topics in ELX: Task Based Language Teaching1
EDUC 5299TESOL Classroom Fundamentals1
EDUC 6577Information and Communications Technologies for Education and Development in Global Perspective1
ENGR 5400Engineering Economics1
ENM 5020Numerical Methods and Modeling1
ENM 5030Introduction to Probability and Statistics1
ENM 5400Topics In Computational Science and Engineering1
ESE 5050Feedback Control Design and Analysis1
ESE 5070Introduction to Networks and Protocols1
ESE 5190Smart Devices1
ESE 5300Elements of Probability Theory1
ESE 5310Digital Signal Processing1
ESE 5320System-on-a-Chip Architecture1
ESE 5350Electronic Design Automation1
ESE 5400Engineering Economics1
ESE 5420Statistics for Data Science1
ESE 5440Project Management1
ESE 5450Data Mining: Learning from Massive Datasets1
ESE 5460Principles of Deep Learning1
ESE 6050Modern Convex Optimization1
ESE 6500Learning in Robotics1
ESE 6760Coding Theory1
ESE 6800Special Topics in Electrical and Systems Engineering1
FNCE 7170Financial Derivatives1
FNCE 7250Fixed Income Securities1
FNCE 7380Capital Markets0.5-1
FNCE 8920Financial Engineering1
GAFL 5310Data Science for Public Policy1
GCB 5360Fundamentals of Computational Biology1
IPD 5150Product Design1
IPD 5190Smart Devices1
IPD 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
IPD 5720Design Thinking1
LAW 5770Internet Law3
LING 5150Dynamics of Language1
LING 5250Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems1
MATH 5000Topology1
MATH 5020Abstract Algebra1
MATH 5080Advanced Analysis1
MATH 5130Computational Linear Algebra1
MATH 5140Advanced Linear Algebra1
MATH 5300Mathematics of Finance1
MATH 5460Advanced Applied Probability1
MATH 5700Logic and Computability 11
MATH 5710Logic and Computability 21
MATH 5800Combinatorial Analysis1
MATH 5810Topics in Combinatorial Theory1
MATH 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
MATH 5861Mathematical Modeling in Biology1
MEAM 5100Design of Mechatronic Systems1
MEAM 5130Feedback Control Design and Analysis1
MEAM 5200Introduction to Robotics1
MEAM 6200Advanced Robotics1
MEAM 6460Computational Mechanics1
MKTG 7760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
NGG 5210Brain-Computer Interfaces1
NGG 5940Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
NPLD 7920Social Entrepreneurship1
NRSC 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
OIDD 5150Product Design1
OIDD 6530Mathematical Modeling and its Application in Finance1
OIDD 9340Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Models0.5
OIDD 9500Perspectives on Information Systems1
PHIL 6721Logic and Computability 11
PHIL 6722Logic and Computability 21
PHYS 5585Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 5390Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience1
PSYC 6110Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance1
SOCI 6002Criminal Justice Data Analytics1
STAT 5000Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance1
STAT 5100Probability1
STAT 5110Statistical Inference1
STAT 5120Mathematical Statistics1
STAT 5200Applied Econometrics I1
STAT 5330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 5420Bayesian Methods and Computation1
STAT 5710Modern Data Mining1
STAT 7010Modern Data Mining1
STAT 7050Statistical Computing with R0.5
STAT 7110Forecasting Methods for Management1
STAT 7700Data Analytics and Statistical Computing1
STAT 7760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
STAT 9280Statistical Learning Theory1
STAT 9910Seminar in Advanced Application of Statistics0.5-1