MIPD Engineering Elective (EMIE)

BE 5140Rehab Engineering and Design1
CIS 5570Programming for the Web1
CIT 5900Programming Languages and Techniques1
ESE 5190Smart Devices1
ESE 5450Data Mining: Learning from Massive Datasets1
IPD 5010Integrated Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Analysis1
IPD 5040Rehab Engineering and Design1
IPD 5140Design for Manufacturability1
IPD 5160Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces.1
IPD 5190Smart Devices1
IPD 5290Designing Connected Objects and Experiences1
MEAM 5080Materials and Manufacturing for Mechanical Design1
MEAM 5100Design of Mechatronic Systems1
MEAM 5140Design for Manufacturability1
MEAM 5160Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces.1
MEAM 5200Introduction to Robotics1
MEAM 5270Finite Element Analysis1
MEAM 5350Advanced Dynamics1