MSSE Elective (EMME)

ACCT 6110Fundamentals of Financial Accounting1
ACCT 6130Fundamentals of Financial and Managerial Accounting1
ACCT 7060Cost Management0.5
ACCT 7470Financial Disclosure Analytics0.5-1
AMCS 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
BE 5020From Biomedical Science to the Marketplace1
BE 5040Biological Data Science II: Data Mining Principles for Epigenomics1
BE 5470Fundamental Techniques of Imaging1
BE 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
BEPP 7630Energy Markets & Policy1
CIS 5400Principles of Embedded Computation1
CIS 5410Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications1
CPLN 7500Advanced Transportation Seminar1
EAS 5010Energy and its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability.1
EAS 5020Renewable Energy and Its Impacts: Technology, Environment, Economics, Sustainability1
EAS 5030Energy Systems and Policy1
EAS 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
EAS 5460Engineering Entrepreneurship II1
EAS 5490Engineering Entrepreneurship Lab1
EDUC 6683Survey Methods & Design1
ESE 5160IoT Edge Computing1
ESE 5190Smart Devices1
ESE 5500Advanced Transportation Seminar1
ESE 6500Learning in Robotics1
FNCE 7250Fixed Income Securities1
FNCE 7500Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation0.5-1
FNCE 7560Energy Finance1
HCMG 8410Introduction to Health Management and Economics0.5-1
HCMG 8530Management and Strategy in Medical Devices and Technology1
HCMG 8660The Digital Transformation of Health Care0.5
HCMG 8670Health Care Entrepreneurship0.5
HCMG 8900Advanced Study Project: Management of Health Care Service Businesses1
IPD 5000Product Engineering Basics1
IPD 5030Design Fundamentals1
IPD 5090Needfinding1
IPD 5140Design for Manufacturability1
IPD 5150Product Design1
IPD 5190Smart Devices1
IPD 5450Engineering Entrepreneurship I1
IPD 5510Design Processes1
MATH 5300Mathematics of Finance1
MATH 5840The Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Measurement1
MEAM 5100Design of Mechatronic Systems1
MEAM 5140Design for Manufacturability1
MEAM 5200Introduction to Robotics1
MEAM 6200Advanced Robotics1
MKTG 6110Marketing Management0.5
MKTG 6120Dynamic Marketing Strategy0.5
MKTG 6130Strategic Marketing Simulation0.5
MKTG 7750Managing Customer Value1
MKTG 7760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
OIDD 5150Product Design1
OIDD 6110Quality and Productivity0.5
OIDD 6420Analytics for Services0.5
OIDD 6430Analytics for Revenue Management0.5
OIDD 7630Energy Markets & Policy1
STAT 5200Applied Econometrics I1
STAT 5210Applied Econometrics II1
STAT 7050Statistical Computing with R0.5
STAT 7110Forecasting Methods for Management1
STAT 7240Text Analytics0.5
STAT 7760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1